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Discover the best web hosting providers while using reviews and price comparisons. Here you will find hosting with different needs such as enterprise, E-Commerce, specific content management system, and lot more.

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The Best Web Hosting Providers of 2020

Web hosting is a way to provide business owners and individuals to launch and run their website with essential facilities and support. Web hosts provide some storage on special computers to store the websites/pages over there. These computers are called servers. Whenever the internet users search for a website, the server loads the website on his browser, and in this way, the user can see the website and its content.

To run a website, the user must be aware of some essential things to understand and identify the concepts and problems regarding website hosting.

  • It is essential to own a domain name that the user purchases from the hosting site. A domain name is the address of a website that people type and search through internet browsers.
  • Each website has an IP address that represents the computer in which the website is stored. The computers remember the IP address. However, people type domain names or URLs of the websites, and they are directed to the relevant computer to reach the website.
  • Hosting computers are like home to the website, without them the websites cannot be visible on the internet to reach users.

Therefore, every website, page, or application owner needs a hosting provider to register the website and give it a space in its storage. Every website needs a standard loading speed and availability that ease the users to open and reach the content of the website quickly.

For this purpose, hosting providers offer their services with good speed, bandwidth, uptime, cost, and control to run a website over the internet. For the convenience of the users, we are giving some of the best web hosting providers’ list with essential details that will help the readers to understand and choose the right hosting service for their websites.



Bluehost web hosting company working since 2003 belongs to the Endurance International Group. The company has a huge record of hosting websites with more than 2 million domains. That is why it is the 20th largest company among web hosting providers. Bluehost is known for its speedy service and facilities for its customers. Its good hosting service is recommended by WordPress through which customers can develop a website with customized settings.


Bluehost is a supported web hosting service for the customers because it offers;

  • Unlimited Disk storage and Domain Hosting
  • Free Domain name (subjected to renewal every year)
  • Supported international domain names
  • Unlimited POP3/POP3 secure email support
  • IMAP secure email support 
  • 3 different Webmail solutions
  • Add-on and Parked Domains
  • Subdomains
  • cPanel account
  • FTP access
  • Web File Manager
  • SSH Access
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • WordPress Staging
  • And many more exciting features.

Bluehost has a range of services for websites and online stores. Along with hosting, it provides SEO services, social media marketing, content creation, graphic design services, Pay Per Click Services, Full website services, website migration, and many other services and support to run a successful business website.


Bluehost has three convenient plans for website hosting that help the customers to fulfill all requirements for a secured and supported website.

·       Shared Hosting:

If you are a new website or deciding to start a blog, then this plan is the right choice for you. Bluehost provides you with a user-friendly dashboard by which you can handle your website and pages very easily.

You no need to worry about how to manage the website. It gives you a complete solution with a range of options to manage the website at a very affordable price. The price of this plan is $3.95 a month.

·       VPS Hosting:

If you are already a business or an organization that has a wide number of visitors on your website, then this package suits you. Because it supports moderate to high traffic flow on your website and does not let your website slow due to traffic flow.

Bluehost helps you to increase the performance and rating of your website with the other helpful services it provides to you. Monthly charges of this plan are $19.99, so it becomes cheaper than the other hosting providers.

·       Dedicated Hosting:

This is a great package for big websites that have huge traffic flow. With full security and essential services, Bluehost provides you with complete customization for your hosting service. Enjoy cheaper rates of this package for just $79.99 a month. Bluehost promises you to provide resource-intensive needs and gives you full support.


HostGator founded in 2002 is a company acquired by Endurance International Group. HostGator is a dedicated hosting provider company that also serves in shared, resell, and virtual private servers. HostGator is the largest hosting provider company in the world that is best known for its WordPress hosting plans.


HostGator has three exclusive plans to host a website that include;

·       Hatchling Plan:

This plan comes with many essential facilities for new users. HostGator gives a single domain to the customer as a beginner. The user gets the facility of One-click WordPress installations, and control to WordPress cPanel for free.

The user can transfer his website easily from one server to another. He gets unmetered bandwidth, free SSL certificate, and free domain. The plan is available for just $2.75 on a monthly subscription.

·       Baby Plan:

HostGator recommends his users to choose this plan and enjoy an average range of facilities from all required services. It provides unlimited domains, easy WordPress installations, and free cPanel control for WordPress.

Like other plans, you can transfer your website to this plan too. This plan also includes unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certificate, and free domain. The price for this monthly plan is also affordable, which is $3.95 only.

·       Business Plan:

The business plan is rich with all the necessary tools and facilities for a big website hosting service. This plan includes additional features along with the baby plan’s features. So, while opting for this plan, the user gets free up-gradation to positive SSL, free dedicated IP, and free SEO tools. The price of this plan is $5.95 on a monthly subscription.

HostGator offers flexible web hosting to its customers with comparatively cheap plans. You get 99.9% uptime with its hosting support and the plans are convenient to try. Because you get the opportunity of money-back guarantee in a 45-days plan that has no contract bound for you.

Every package plan has free services for all users that include; website builder for over 100+ Mobile-friendly template and library images, all required tools for website transfer, 52 free scripts easily installable, $100 Google AdWords offer, and $100 Bing Ads Credit.

You also get all the required support of cPanel controls, programming and database accessories, email features, application hosting with its award-winning support for the customers. This is what the shining qualities that make HostGator most favorite for all websites and business owners around the world.


Hostinger International, Ltd formed in 2004 is a famous and cheapest shared web hosting provider. Hostinger is the fastest and reliable web hosting provider that gives you rich plans that help you start and run your website easily and with full security support.

Hostinger is a supportive service for the WordPress website that helps it improve and run fast. Therefore, all WordPress lovers like Hostinger’s optimization of their WordPress website.

Hostinger web hosting provider helps the website available throughout the year. It has an uptime rate of 99.95% that is an excellent thing every website needs. Similarly, the fast loading of a website and its pages is also essential for a good impression and experience of the users who visit the website.

The lab test shows that the current speed of Hostinger’s hosting is 302ms which is a good rate to load pages faster. Further, Hostinger has a positive impression on the market and more than 29 million users are enjoying its standard services.


Hostinger has three budget-friendly plans for users to support their websites.

  1. Single Shared Hosting (best value of the beginners)
  2. Premium Shared Hosting (a perfect match for individuals)
  3. Business Shared Hosting (very suitable package for the small businesses)


These plans have a range of excellent features that perfectly suit the requirement of website hosting.

  • The price range of these plans starts from $0.99 to $3.99 per month.
  • It provides processing power and memory range from 1X to 4X according to the plan difference.
  • Single shared hosting supports one website while other plans have the capacity to support unlimited websites that is a good thing for the users.
  • Hostinger gives the disk space from 10GB to 100GB with unlimited bandwidth. (except single plan)
  • For Premium and Business plans, domain registration is free.
  • Each plan gives a guarantee of 99.9% uptime for your websites.
  • Hostinger supports you 24/7 every single day with its power management tools including panel controls, webmail access, and DNS management.
  • Hosting plans have the facility to create subdomains from 2 to 100 in a row.
  • The most exciting features include certificates, cloud storage, hotlink protection, and much more to support.

These are the key features of Hostinger that give websites the fastest speed and reliable support to manage them. You can enjoy these exciting features according to the requirement and size of your websites and choose what matters the most.


GreenGeeks is a powerful web hosting company founded in 2006. It aims to provide the cheapest hosting service with a friendly mode of environmental health. GreekGeeks is a leading hosting provider that is serving more than 5 Lac websites and 40 thousand servers.

This is a huge ratio and proven story of its success in the industry and suitable from all new to experts in the digital world of information and business.

GreenGeeks has a range of plans for web hosting services, reseller hosting, and VPS hosting. Therefore, it digitizes all the major parts of business securely and makes the business process fast and modern.

It is especially known for its uptime rate, and that is 99.98% as the testing studies tell about past years. Another essential thing that website owners seek is the loading speed. GreenGeeks has a record of 443ms loading time and makes the website faster than other hosting providers.


Apart from the other plans, GreenGeeks has three web hosting plans for the websites.

·       Lite:

This plan is good for newcomers who want to manage blogs or small business through the website. GreenGeeks allows 1 website for the hosting service in this plan through which the website owner can install the app in just a single click. It allows the website to have unlimited space to save the website content.

The user also has the opportunity to transfer data without any limit. GreenGeeks gives the website a free Wild card and free domain name as well. However, the domain name has a one-year free offer. After that, the user has to continue with paid service. This plan also includes LSCache with the overall standard performance for the whole plan. The special price for this plan is $2.95% per month.

·       Pro:

This exclusive plan is suitable for the growing websites that have more data and more traffic to handle and maintain good performance and fast speed. The plan includes all features of the Lite plan with some additional features.

The plan offers to host unlimited websites with 2x performance than the Lite plan. That is why it is better for moderate websites to perform their operations smoothly. GreenGeeks offers this plan in just $5.95 per month.

·       Premium:

This package plan is suitable for eCommerce websites and other big websites that have heavy traffic most of the time. Along with the features and facilities of the Premium plan, it offers a free Premium Wild card and 4x performance than the Premium plan. It also offers free dedicated IP to the users. The price of this plan is $11.95 a month.

These are not the only facilities GreenGeeks offers in the plans. The other essential support and components of web hosting are also included in the service that makes GreenGeeks distinguished from others.


DreamHost is a web hosting provider owned by New Dream Network, LLC. The hosting provider is based in Los-Angeles. DreamHost has a good record to host more than 1.5 million websites with hundreds of employees in the company. This reputable fact tells that a huge number of people and businesses have got the support of DreamHost.


DreamHost offers three plans for hosting services. These plans come in both monthly and yearly fee structures. Through these plans, DreamHost offers extensive support and facilities to the websites. The users enjoy a custom control panel to access and manage the domain, emails, and much more.

It entertains them with a one-click facility to download WordPress, Joomla, and other apps. It makes the process fast and convenient with strong SSDs to improve the performance rate. DreamHost gives you a guarantee of 100% uptime and award-winning support to help you improve your reputation and business. Further specific details are given below for your interest in each plan.

·       Shared Plan:

If you are starting new websites, this plan is the right match for you. It supports WordPress sites to give a good start to you. Shared plan host 1 website so you can even test your website support and performance with this plan and evaluate the results for your big sites. It gives you the support of free domain, unlimited traffic, unmetered bandwidth, and fast SSD storage.

This is the good aspect of hosting in the basic price plan. You can enjoy pre-installed WordPress, WP website builder, and free automated WordPress migration. Additionally, you get a free certificate, 24/7 support, and email service against a small fee of $1.67. The price of this plan is $3.95 per month.

·       DreamPress:

DreamPress is a great plan for a high-performance WordPress website and supports the growth of business with its exciting features. The plan includes all the features of the Shared plan.

Further, it offers to host 1 WordPress website, 100K monthly visitors on your site, 30 GB SSD storage, a pre-installed SSL certificate, unlimited email, on-demand back, and restore facility, a pre-installed free Jetpack, and a 1-Click Staging. All these features fulfill the requirements of a business website with a monthly fee of $16.95.

·       VPS:

This plan is introduced for the small websites that want to get the support of VPS. The plan is available from 1GB to 8GB VPS as per the level of websites. DreamHost hosts unlimited websites in this plan and facilitates the users to add the domain as per their convenience.

VPS plan also includes some basic features to support small websites such as free SSL certificate and 1-click facility to install WordPress. It also gives unlimited traffic and unmetered bandwidth to the websites with 30 GB SSD storage. Unlimited email and 24/7 support also make it an ideal package for the websites that want to run on trusted virtual private servers of DreamHost. The monthly price plan comes in $13.75.


SiteGround is an old shared hosting provider that formed in 2004. It has a reputable name in the industry with more than 20 Lac domains. The success and users’ trust make it recommended for your website. SiteGround offers web hosting, WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, and Cloud hosting. It is a trust-winning hosting provider with its great and friendly support and fast speed of operations.

The tested results tell that SiteGround has an uptime of 99.99% that is a great thing for the websites’ flawless operations. Its stunning high speed of page loading is 673ms that is above-average rate than other hosting providers. It gives three plans for web hosting with exciting features and support. The details of hosting plans are given below for your assistance.

·       Startup Package:

The StartUp package comes with the support of 1 website giving the space of 10 GB for the storage. Your website can access 10 thousand visitors monthly with unmetered traffic.

You also enjoy a free SSL certificate, free CDN, and free email to support your website and make it trusting. With daily backup, you can secure your data and activities alongside managing WordPress websites with the help of SiteGround. It also entitles you with unlimited database control and manages your website components.

That is why this package is a 100% renewable energy match with a 30 days money-back guarantee of your amount. The price is very affordable, that is, only $3.95 a month.

·       GrowBig Package:

The GrowBig package plan comes with all the features of the StartUp package. Further, it offers unlimited websites, 20 GB web space for storage, and 20 thousand monthly visitors on the websites. You also enjoy other supported features such as on-demand backup copies, speed-boosting catching, staging, and all collaborators. The plan comes at a price of $5.95 a month.

·         GoGeek Package:

Suitable for huge websites, this package offers all the features of the GrowBig plan. Additional improved features are; 40 GB web space, 1 Lac monthly visitors, staging along with Git, white-labeled clients, the highest tier of resources, and priority support for the users of this package. These wonderful features and support cost you only $11.95 that is less price than the regular charges.

With these features, enjoy a fast and reliable service of SiteGround with the friendly and dedicated support of the team.

A2 Hosting:

A2 Hosting is a great value web hosting that is easy to use for the users. It was founded by Bryan Muthig in 2001. It is best known for its fastest hosting due to its turbo servers. Therefore, it is faster than other hosting providers. It is popular among the users due to its standard service and cheap packages that are affordable for the users.

A2 Hosting offers different packages for hosting services such as;

  • Shared hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated server

Shared Hosting:

The shared hosting plan is very convenient because it is WordPress, Joomla and Drupal optimized. So, you can get benefit from these features. A2 Hosting promises to give 20x faster speed than others through this plan. It is very easy to use for your website along with a free migration option for your website without any hassle.

In the Shared Hosting package, you get a free SSL certificate, easy control on cPanel, an easy site builder, automated server rewind backups, 24/7 support through emails, live chat, and phone calls, 99.9% uptime, and 1-click website staging. These are the most supported features for your website’s excellent performance and speed. However, if you are not satisfied with the service, they give you a money-back guarantee as well. The price of this plan is $2.99 only.


Namecheap is a US-based company founded in 2000 that provides web hosting service and domain registration. It has more than 11 million users who are running their websites through Namecheap’s hosting service. It is known for its cost-effective and affordable prices for the plans suitable for the users.

Namecheap provides services for different purposes and customers. It has various plans for shared hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, migration to Namecheap, and website builder. All plans’ prices are obvious that have no hidden charges for the users. Namecheap supports its users 24/7 with great attention to the queries regarding service.


Namecheap has web hosting plans for all sorts of users like individuals, small, and larger business websites. Namecheap also allows free migration and extensive support when you register with it.

Online Beginners:

Namecheap introduces very cheap packages for small or individual users. These packages are cost-effective, and the users can subscribe among any of the four plans;

  • Stellar: this is a shared hosting plan that costs only $1.44 per month upon the subscription of the first year. You can host up to 3 websites with the CMS of your own choice. This plan also gives you a free website builder and email solutions.
  • Steller Plus: this is also a shared hosting plan that costs only $1.88 per month upon the subscription of the first year. You enjoy hosting unlimited websites in this plan along with unmetered storage, bandwidth, and automatic backups.
  • EasyWP Starter: this is a WordPress hosting plan that comes in $0.01 for the first month of subscription. Namecheap hosts 50 thousand visitors monthly on your website along with 10 GB storage.

Features Plans For Small And Larger Businesses:

Namecheap offers many hosting packages for small and larger businesses that have multiple features and great prices.

  • Steller Business: this is a shared hosting plan for small businesses that costs only $4.44 per month in the first year. It gives good speed and support along with the compatibility with many eCommerce websites.
  • Quasar: this is a VPS hosting plan that has Linux-based vertical servers. It is flexible to run your business smoothly. The cost of this plan is $19.88 per month.
  • Xeon E3-1240 v3: this plan suits larger businesses with a dedicated hosting service. Enjoy customization and ownership of the server with this plan that costs only $41.88 for the first month.
  • EasyWP Supersonic: this is a WordPress hosting plan for larger businesses. Enjoy 5 Lac monthly visitors on the website along with 100 GB of storage with this plan that comes in $0.03 for the first month of subscription.


GoDaddy is an American web hosting and domain registrar company founded in 1997. It has 18.5 million customers worldwide with a huge force of employees. GoDaddy is an award-winning company in supporting the customers and giving them standard service. It is a single platform where you can get the services of hosting, web building, and SSL certified secure activities on your website.


GoDaddy offers different plans for website hosting suitable for small and larger businesses.

·       Website Hosting:

GoDaddy gives four plans in website hosting service with flexible pricing and exclusive features.

·       Economy Package:

This package is suitable for the websites that are new and in the beginning phase of their appearance of the internet. You can run 1 website with this plan and get excellent support from the company.

The plan includes 100 GB storage, unmetered bandwidth, 1-year free trial of professional email, and a free domain with the annual plan. This package comes at a discounted price for the new users. You pay only Rs499 per month until you renew the plan.

·       Deluxe Package:

This package is suitable for multiple sites with the features of the Economy package. You get some additional benefits including unlimited websites, storage, and subdomains. This plan costs you only Rs599 per month until renewal.

·       Ultimate Package:

This package supports complex sites that heavy traffic/visitors. You get features of the Deluxe package along with some additional features such as; 2x processing power and memory, a free SSL certificate for the first year, free Premium DNS, and unlimited database. This package costs you only Rs999 per month until renewal.

·       Maximum Package:

This package is suitable for the complex website loaded with high-resolution photos and videos. Along with the features of the Ultimate package, you get additional features such as; 2x more power and memory, 2x maximum traffic support, a free SSL certificate for the full term. This package costs only Rs1599 per month until renewal.

GoDaddy offers many other plans for WordPress hosting, reseller, and small and larger businesses. All the plans include exclusive additional features such as 1-click free apps installation, 1-click purchases for additional resources, 1GB database storage for MySQL Linux, 24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection, 1-click setup for GoDaddy registered domains and a flexible easy-to-use control panel.

For further assistance and information regarding other useful plans, please visit

Network Solutions:

Network Solution is an American bases company and subsidiary of It has around 7 million registered customers. Network Solution offers different solutions for a domain name search, hosting services, website design, SSL certificate, business emails, and eCommerce stores. 

Network Solutions facilitates its customers with cloud hosting services that are great for storing files from multiple servers. It also offers daily scanning of your website to detect malware and remove them to clean your website.

The plans of Network Solutions are compatible with open source applications such as WordPress, Joomla, PHP, Drupal, MySQL, and many more. It also offers other ad-on features to support and secure your website and make your experience pleasing.


Network Solutions has some excellent plans for website hosting that are affordable and countable for your requirements.

·       Starter Package:

This is a suitable package for new websites and gives them a good and smooth start with exciting features. Against $5.69 per month, it offers you 15 GB disk space, 5 email boxes, and hosting service for 1 website. The package is contract-based for 1 year.

·       Essential Package:

For personal websites, this package is very flexible and reliable. Against $9.96 per month, it offers you hosting service for 3 websites, 300 GB disk space, and 1000 email boxes. This package also included domain name and site lock to scan malware from your website.

·       Professional Package:

This package is suitable for individual businesses. It comes in $15.78 per month. You enjoy unlimited disk space, unlimited email boxes, and hosting service for 10 websites. This package also includes a domain name and site lock premium to scan and remove malware automatically.

·       Professional Plus:

This is an ideal package for small business websites. It costs only $21.62 per month and gives you features the same as the Professional package. However, it gives the additional benefit of the SSL certificate.

Network Solutions gives these plans on purchasing the full contract of one year and also gives free domain only on cloud hosting packages.

Network Solutions also has WordPress hosting plans in three different price ranges on a monthly basis.

·       WordPress for Enterpreneurs:

This package includes 50 GB storage, 10 email boxes, 1 WordPress website, a cloud backup facility on your demand, and a domain name. This package comes in $7.99 on monthly charges.

·       WordPress for a Growing Business:

This package includes 100 GB storage, multiple websites management, 25 email boxes, 3 WordPress sites, with free domain, cloud backup, and SSL certificate.

·       WordPress for Professionals:

This package has a more increased number of features such as; 200 GB storage, 50 email boxes, multiple website management, 5 WordPress sites, will free domain, cloud backup, and SSL certificate.


Business websites and individual sites for blogging, communication, and marketing need strong hosting support to perform their task securely. So, these are the best web hosting services that provide you very convenient and cheap to standard range package.

These packages have all the required features to host your website whether it is a small or a big site. We have given the data for your assistance with features and pricing range. So, you can estimate your requirements and choose the most suitable company for your websites.

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