Top 10 Best Web Hosting Services Provider For 2020.

If you want to Web hosting services at your home, consider these top 10 services. After, the testing our experts have reviewed the best Web hosting services for everyone from casual bloggers to massive corporations.

Top 10 Best Hosting Services For 2020:


You may have ultimate guidelines on hosting services through the internet which can help you fulfill your requirements regardless. But sometimes it can be hard to choose the perfect web hosting service that suits your maximum requirement. Though, you may have plenty of hosting plans, shared web hosting is one of the most common options.

Despite this, you might have many different other options if you own multiple websites. Such as reseller web hosting and sell websites, both on the same hosting account.

However, there are some other alternatives for free web hosting. These providers are easily available, working together to build websites especially in this current lockdown. Generally speaking, if a person has more than 1 website, he should pay for an accountable and reliable service with a complete support system.  

It is not compulsory to have expensive web hosting deals although many providers offer several discounts offers too. Exclusively if you are working on a demanding website that requires further resources. This particular individual may also select cheap VPS deals to form plenty of options.   

Likewise, we can choose your operating system for your server such as Linux hosting or Windows hosting. For that reason, you may need specific windows exchange functions that will probably provide you best opting control panel for Linux. If this topic is interesting for you then keep reading till end because here you will have a detailed analysis of web hosting service providers.   

Bluehost is Considered a Top Best Web Hosting Provider of 2020.

It excels WordPress hosting in a particular manner, we also liked the useful and wide range of its features. Similarly, HostGator is a great all-round hosting provider in the market. It delivers serious impressive values for your money while offering well-featured plans.


But before comparing other hosting providers, it can be early to say anything. Therefore, initially, we will gather all the information related to the quality, features, and other aspects of each hosting provider. And then we will determine the best one which can be suitable for you.  

Best Web Hosting Services 2020:

  1. Bluehost
  2. GoDaddy
  3. HostGator
  4. Hostinger
  5. DreamHost
  6. SiteGround
  7. A2 Hosting
  8. WestHost
  9. Namecheap
  10. Network Solutions

Before discovering the best hosting service provider, let us start with basic tips or instructions. It will help us to analyze all the service providers even more professionally.

As we have been reviewing more than 100 web hosting providers, both paid as well as free versions. Thus, we can watch ground realities which are highly needed. From our professional’s experience, we have collected these five main key elements that should be considered before making the final decision:

·         You get what you paid for:

If you own a website as a primary hobby on one side then you don’t have to worry about it. Otherwise, in an essential business tool, it may give a false economy to choose the cheapest or free deals on offers.   

·         Watch out for pricing tricks:

The majority of web hosting vendors offer devastating low prices in the initial stage of the contracts. But that particular pricing is for the introductory period. Once this period ends, they gradually start increasing their pricing within the next 24, 36, or 60 months after signing up. Hence, always watch for the entire cost of ownership.  

·         How trustworthy is your ideal provider?

Anyone can pretend to be the real web hosting provider and just work as a reseller of some branded products. So, to identify this, you have to see how long they have been around, who owns them, their contact address, do they make realistic promises or not related to website services, and so on. You can also take help with Google here.

·         Notice your limits:

You should have an understanding of yourself. For Example, you should know what features are comfortable for your website creating? Do you need external help or internal help? Building understanding with a variety of ramifications that includes commercial as well as legal publishing entails and similar elements. 

·         Deal with website builders:

You have to be careful website builders will offer many compelling and interesting alternatives rather than staying online for web hosting. However, if you want to leave because of its proprietary nature you cannot immigrate all your content easily.  

While except all these points, finding a perfect web hosting service might consume a lot of time and money. To date, we have tested over 30 different web hosting companies, just for you. It will help to determine and compare all of these service providers. Here you can overlook the performance data, uptime as well as load time which are the main factors in pricing.

Our review process includes:

  • Signing up with a web hosting plan of all hosting providers
  • Setting up blank WordPress websites.
  • Monitoring their performance like uptime, and load time
  • Checking their features, pricing, limitations, and customer support system.
  • After all these steps we have published this review

Each hosting reviews are based on their web host’s average speed of loading time, uptime along with their cost. Similarly, if you want to know further detailed information about a particular service, you can contact our experts for free.

10 Best Hosting Services for New Websites:

Below, you may have a list of top 10 web hosting service providers that are reliable and has good speed. They all are well-performing services for the last 2 years.

1.      Bluehost - (Best Overall)

Unmetered bandwidth: Yes | WooCommerce hosting: Yes | Free domain: Yes | 24x7 US-based support: Yes


Bluehost web hosting was introduced in 2007 which is hosting over 3,000,000 websites these days. It has become one of the top popular and low charging hosting providers for all new websites. That’s the reason, we are reviewing it as a top favorite hosting services provider on this list. You will be surprised to know that it is providing 99.99% uptime on a strong speed of 405 ms from the last 24- months.

Although, the 3-year introductory plan cost $2.75 per month, and renewing existing will cost $7.95 per month. However, these plans include features such as website builder, domain name, and one-click installation for Joomla, WordPress, and enable also Drupal through cPanel. Therefore, it stands out especially for new website owners as the best option.

Furthermore, the basic plan of Bluehost contains unmetered bandwidth as well as 50 GB storage. We recommend this service provider because it provides a great support system for WordPress websites, in fact, it officially praised by

Bluehost contribute 24/7 live customer support system with free email accounts and SSL (security layer) on each plan.

Fortunately, this best entry-level web hosting provider is easy to use, reliable, and 100% secure. Besides, it offers traditional shared hosting to companies with dedicated, VPS along with managing WordPress hosting plans to control high traffic websites.

All the plans of these hosting services allow 30-days money-back guarantee. Get instant activation to start using it immediately.

·         Pros of Bluehost:

  • Best uptime (99.99%)
  • Top 5 speed (405 ms)
  • One-Click-Install for WordPress
  • Easy to use, beginner-friendly
  • Free domain and site builder
  • 24/7 support (chat and phone)

·         Cons of Bluehost:

  • Discounts for longer plans only

2.   GoDaddy Hosting – (Secure, Fast and Reliable Web Host)

SEO Services: Yes | Free domain: Yes | Database backup and restore: Yes | Unmetered bandwidth: Yes


 GoDaddy Hosting is among the dominant hosting solution provider, powering more than 44 million websites per year. This services provider contains 14 facilities in different countries of the world and stands out as the most popular domain registrars.

However, it offers several web hosting plans that are perfectly suitable for small, medium, and big organization’s websites. Same as many other hosting providers, they don’t have their server park. They are partners of rent servers of AWS and Amazon.

After tracking GoDaddy shared hosting for the last 24-months, it is proven that its uptime is 99.97%. Similarly, the page speed is around 554 ms that increase the reliability of this product. Therefore, we recommend it as an excellent solution that builds custom websites.

It comes along with effortless drag-and-drop website builder known as GoCentral, particularly designed for beginners. Furthermore, it provides access to developer-friendly features & tools such as cPanel, MySQL, Python, CloudLinux, and other various versions of PHP.

When we get into the pricing detail, we discovered that their plans are affordable. The cheapest web hosting plan starts at $4.33 for each month and renewing may cost $8.99 per month. However, these plans come along with 100GB of storage which is a lot, DDos protection, unmetered bandwidth, and security monitoring too.  

Yet, GoDaddy Hosting contains several “upsells” that make the user pay for it even more. For instance, SSL certification, site backups, and email accounts are not available in their cheap plan. The user has to pay extra chargers to activate these features but a 24/7 support system is available in all plans.   

All the plans of this hosting services, whether it is yearly or multi-year plans allow 30-days money-back guarantee.

·        Pros of GoDaddy Hosting:

  • Good load time (554 ms)
  • Good uptime (99.97%)
  • 100GB website storage
  • cPanel and website builder access
  • Uptime guarantee for 99.90%

·        Cons of GoDaddy Hosting:

  • SSL & email costs extra
  • No site transfers


3.   HostGator Cloud – (Best Cheap Cloud)

Unmetered bandwidth: Yes | Unlimited disk space: Yes | Search credit: $200 | Money-back guarantee: 45 days


In 2002, HostGator was introduced which is known as a popular cloud as well as a shared hosting provider. Currently, it is hosting approximately more than 2,000,000 websites per year. As per our research in the last 24-months, HostGator Cloud acquires above-average speed with 399 ms and has 99.99% strongest uptime. These basic features make it one of the largest and active contenders to Bluehost.

It offers adjustable features like unmetered bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, unmetered disk space with built-in cache in almost every plan. Moreover, the maximum hosting plan of this provider starts with 99.9% guaranteed uptime, easy WordPress installs, free SSL Certificate.

A free of cost domain is also included in the yearly plan, 12, 24, or 36-month plan too. Likewise, if you want to create a custom website, the Gator website builder can help you in that case. For drag and drop website builder designs, you can use HostGator’s easy-to-use E-commerce friendly site builder that works equally for beginners as well.  

HostGator delivers the cheapest plan that starts from $2.74 for the entire month if you choose a yearly plan. Thus, renews are available in $10.95 per month. Shared cloud hosting is accessible despite this it offers VPS, WordPress, and several other dedicated hosting plans. Fortunately, all plans are serving the services for all types of enterprise websites with a generous money-back guarantee of 45-days.    

·        Pros of HostGator Cloud:

  • Top 5 uptime (99.99%)
  • Top 5 speed (399 ms)
  • Free website transfer
  • No bandwidth and storage limit
  • Multiple data center locations
  • Unlimited email accounts

·        Cons of HostGator Cloud:

  • Higher renewal cost

4.   Hostinger – (Cheapest Price)

Unlimited bandwidth: Yes | Free SSL certificate: Yes | DDoS protection: Yes | Disk Storage: 100GB


Based on the last 2 years, our data indicate that Hostinger contains average uptime with 99.95%. However, the faster average speed of loading time 350 ms, makes this web hosting one of the best service providers in cheap pricing. Hostinger was initially known as Hosting24, it offers extraordinarily affordable plans while protecting the quality of service performance.

Although it is cheap in pricing, the features in Hostinger’s plans are quite appealing. We recommend this hosting provider for beginners or new website owners.

Furthermore, this company provides various hosting packages that come along with different features. All these plans are built-in easy website builder with 99.9% uptime guarantee, free SSL certificate, and 24/7/365 support.

When it comes to select the cheapest plan, Hostinger starts with $0.99 per month in a 48-month payment plan. Similarly, for renewal, the package starts from $2.15 for the entire month.

You are allowed to use Databases and Bandwidth unlimitedly through choosing the “Single Web Hosting” plan. However, you have a limit of 100GB bandwidth, 10GB of disk space, one MySQL database, and one email account with the latter. Most prominently, the cheapest plan may not allow you to have a free domain, despite it will have limited memory and processing power.

Consequently, when we talk about some additional services, Hostinger provides VPS, Cloud, Email, WordPress, and Windows VPS hosting. Hence, all the plans are on a 30-days money-back guarantee.  

·        Pros of Hostinger:

  • Top 2 load time (350 ms)
  • Cheap pricing ($0.99/mo)
  • Datacenters in US, Europe & Asia
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 24/7 support chat

·        Cons of Hostinger:

  • No free domain
  • Limited bandwidth on the cheap plan

5.  DreamHost – (Pay Monthly, No Higher Renewals)

Unlimited bandwidth: Yes | Free SSL certificate: Yes | DDoS protection: Yes | Disk Storage: 25GB


DreamHost is known as the oldest web hosting service provider, it was established in 1996. This company of hosting deals with over 1.5 million websites, applications, and even blogs for more than 100 countries. According to our last 2 years of research, DreamHost has 648 ms of adequate speed along with an average uptime of 99.94%. These features allow this hosting service to stand among reliable hosting solution providers.


The major element that keeps DreamHost incomparable from other web hosting services is its offers. This hosting delivers several options for paying monthly rather than yearly plans. That indicates the fact; you may sign up for $4.95, simply start using a hosting account without any delay.

Alternatively, you also have a 3-year plan; where you have to start with $2.59 for each month and renewal will cost $4.95 per month only. Although, their basic plan includes a website with a free domain name, 50GB SSD storage, and unlimited bandwidth.

Several customers are using DreamHost by the drag-and-drop builder that adds email with a monthly fee of $1.67 on each month. Consequently, DreamHost also offers a variety of domain management tools, strong security features like LetsEncrypt SSL. Furthermore, it allows unlimited data transfer for the entire month and much more.  

Luckily, WordPress is pre-installed in. The company deals with a beginner-friendly website builder for a new website owner which is quite easy-to-use. On the other hand, they don’t support cPanel which is commonly used in this industry of web developers. Instead, they offer an admin panel that provides almost the same features as Plesk or cPanel.

Fortunately, each plan has 24/7 US live chatting support along with a generous refund policy of 97-days.

·        Pros of DreamHost:

  • Good load time (648 ms)
  • Uptime guarantee
  • Monthly plans available
  • 97-day money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage

·        Cons of DreamHost:

  • Average uptime (99.94%)
  • No cPanel

6.   SiteGround - (Best Customer Support)

Unlimited MySQL DB: Yes | Webspace: 10GB space | Free Email Account: Yes | Money-back guarantee: 30 days


Our next hosting company is SiteGround, it was developed in 2004 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Currently, they are successfully hosting over 2 million domains and one in three web hosting companies officially approved by From the last 24 months, we have been researching on this hosting provider. We find it as a fantastic uptime with 99.99% while maintaining the speed by 673 ms therefore, this service provider is among the top best strongest web host.

SiteGround is prominently notable because of its exemplary customer services; it is continuously growing the user. Every plan of this hosting provider includes an email account, website builder, SSL, daily backups, Cloudflare CDN, and SHH access entirely free.

However, the cheapest startup plan is specially designed for new website owners or beginners at $3.95 per month only on a 1-year plan. For starting renewals they offer a plan at $11.95 each month. In which you can host a website along with 10,000 monthly visits. Hence, the plan contains unmetered traffic, 10GB webspace, and a 24/7 support system.

Although, SiteGround acquires a wide range of services such as WooCommerce hosting, WordPress hosting, enterprise hosting, cloud hosting, and also has dedicated servers. As a substitute for using an in-house server, they prefer to use renting services through Google cloud.

Fortunately, all plans of this industry have a standard of providing 30-days money-back guarantees.

·        Pros of SiteGround:

  • Sufficient load time (673 ms)
  • Stable uptime (99.99%)
  • Knowledgable customer support
  • 24/7 “Guru” chat support
  • 20+ email accounts

·        Cons of SiteGround:

  • Setup fee on monthly plans
  • Limited cheap plan

7.   A2 Hosting – (Fastest Shared Hosting)

Unlimited bandwidth: Yes | Free site migration: Yes |Perpetual security: Yes | Free Cloudflare CDN: Yes


A2 Hosting is a US-based hosting provider which was founded in early 2002, it is now hosting more than 500,000 websites. This hosting service has secured the position of fastest shared web hosting in our testing process. It manages to maintain and achieve 317 ms on an average load time in the entire testing process of 2 years.

However, A2 hosting works fast because of their servers which are optimized for LiteSpeed cache and WordPress websites. As we have experience of reviewing over 30 shared web hosting companies, we can determine that A2 hosting is the fastest one.

Despite this fact, it is uncertain in many aspects. The average uptime has been suspended at 99.93% with 6 Hours of downtime every year. A2 Hosting is popular for its seamless work on all major content management systems such as Joomla, OpenCart, WordPress, Drupal, and Magento. These content management systems are perfectly beneficial for web developers.

Hence, they offer a variety of hosting plans such as unlimited SSD storage, free LetsEncrypt SSL certificate, and free site migrations. According to this, the cheapest plan is “Lite” it starts at $2.96 per month. Similarly, the renewal plan will cost $7.99 for each month along with a website, a domain name for the entire year, 25 email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, free Cloudflare CDN, and free disk space.


The bottom line about A2 Hosting is, it has a reliable customer support team known as “Guru Crew Support”. You can connect with customer care support for 24 hours, 7 days a week, and 365 days of the whole year. Through phone, email, live chat, and tickets. Further, next to regular, they provide dedicated shared hosting, VPS as well as reseller hosting for webmasters.       

Same as above hosting providers, A2 Hosting also gives 30-days of money-back guarantee in all plans.

·        Pros of A2 Hosting:

  • Fastest load time (317 ms)
  • WordPress optimized servers
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage
  • 24/7 “Guru” chat support
  • 20+ email accounts

·        Cons of A2 Hosting:

  • Average uptime (99.93%)
  • Higher renewal cost

8.   WestHost – (Oldest WebHosting)

Unlimited Hosting: Yes | Unlimited email accounts: Yes | Disk Space & Bandwidth: 50GB & 1000GB | Customer Support: 24/7


WestHost is one of the oldest hosting companies owned by ingenuity Ltd. In the UK that is a MidPhase. According to our recent reviewing results, WestHost has an average uptime of 99.98% and a load time of 881 ms. Unfortunately, their speed is not even in the top 15 web hosting list.

However, due to their cheapest plan they managing to be consistent in the market which starts from $1.99 each month for 3 years. Renewal plans are $4.99 for each month with free CDN site backups that make it a good hosting provider.

So low pricing has ranked it up in the top 10 web hosting service providers. Although their uptime is above average, it is a good option for small website owners. Therefore, we consider it as the oldest and cheapest hosting solution in the market with only $1.99 on the entire month for the rest of 3 years.      


Downsides are having no SSL and free domain names, if a person wants these services they have to choose high-tier plans. Similarly, the plan offers FTP access only and the user is unable to use quick CMS such as choosing Word Press for beginners.

It variant from other many famous hosting providers, it offers standard shared hosting providing services. Thus, if a user wants to transfer their website after growing well, WestHost can do it for them.

·        Pros of WestHost:

  • Good uptime (99.98%)
  • Cheap pricing
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • Backups included

·        Cons of WestHost:

  • Below average load time (881 ms)
  • SSL/free domain not included
  • No cPanel or auto-installs

9.   Namecheap – (Fully featured web hosting)

Free Positive SSL certificates: Yes | FTP & SSH Access: Yes | VPS, Shared & Cloud hosting: Yes | Customer Support: 24/7


It is true, that in this world of domain name registration, you might have some bigger names as same to Namecheap. However, Namecheap has well-know and established its position by providing reliable & low price domain registration services. It also offers hosting services like several other registrars.

Luckily, we all know that it is a registrar but only a few people know that Namecheap also offers to host. Isn’t surprising? The company is directly referred to as a domain provider and not hosting.

This service provider was founded in 2000, it is an independent domain registrar that provides consumers with a plethora of hosting services as well. It includes some additional services such as email, website builder, and SSLs with a 24/7 customer support system. The main factors of its incredible hosting plans are cheap pricing. 

However, its care hosting features provides disk space, domains, and consumer databases that are referred to as 3Ds. Similarly, hosting database servers contains pieces of software which allowed the websites to run smoothly. The disk space has several files and their server allows them to include images, texts, videos, and so on.    

·        Pros of NameCheap:

  • Free migration & Domain
  • Decent load time
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • Fully loaded value plan
  • Third-party reviews are excellent

·        Cons of NameCheap:

  • Not feasible with bulk discount
  • Could be much faster
  • Disjoined control panel
  • No free domain registration

10. Network Solutions – (Build Online Presence)

Unlimited Data Transfer: Yes | Disk space: 300GB to unlimited | FTP Accounts: 25 to unlimited | IMAP Support: Yes


Network Solution is an A-1 selection for the small-business owner, who is looking for a complete-featured web hosting provider. Despite this, this hosting provider ensures to cost less according to small businesses requirement.  All the plans are affordable as well as flexible and provide good options for businesses to grow them even bigger.   

This solution provider gave the best choice for bloggers and casual users. But organizations and businesses are appreciating this versatile hosting provider because of many other reasons too. Such as each E-commerce package may include a feature critical that helps to be competitive, comparison shopping. It also offers online product catalogs, payment features, and real-time shipping which make it an ideal solution provider for any type of business owner.

Although we are considering more than 30 website builder, the signup process of this company appointed a loop. We had to call their customer care support system to figure out the issue. Once we asked them about the access of the website editor after signing up.   

·        Pros of Network Solutions:

  • DIY and we do it for you solutions available
  • Free domain name
  • A very powerful, futuristic website builder
  • A huge collection of royalty-free images
  • Personalized email address

·        Cons of Network Solutions:

  • Complex interface
  • Below-par customer service

Things to Consider When Choosing Web Hosting:


·         Migrations and Site Transfers are not always free:

In case, you find a web host that is not according to your caliber. Site transfer or Migration provides you an option to move your website to some other host.

Moving to another website may include transferring database and website files, configuring new site hosts, direct your DNS to a new host. When you pick a new website host, they can help you throughout the process depending on the cost. The range of pricing may vary from $150 to $400, instead, HostGator allows free web transfers.

However, for transferring more than one website, many hosting companies offer $149.99 for 5 websites and 20 email accounts. The entire process takes 5 to 7 days and modifies DND entries before transferring.     

·         Renewal Rates are normally higher:

Most of the hosting providers charge double and even triple costs to renew the deal. This renewal fee may jump to $7 to 10 per month on a basic plan which initially costs $2.99 per month. Although the performance and features are almost the same, you have to pay more prices for it. For Example:

  • GoDaddy will cost you $8.99 per month in their economy plan to renew.
  • A2 Hosting will require you a cancelation request before 15 days of starting the renewal process. However, if a user forgets to send a cancelation request, it will automatically charge them.
  • Nonetheless, many hosting providers in the above list doesn’t follow these industry-standard tricks. For instance, DreamHost offers a 3-year plan with the same renewal pricing on each Year.

·         Storage, Bandwidth, and Email Account Limits:

Now let’s talk about storage and bandwidth, it contains some limitations too.

  • GoDaddy provides a cheap plan with 100GB storage and unmetered bandwidth for a website.
  • Hostinger offers 10 GB storage and 100 GB bandwidth while providing unlimited MySQL databases and scalable bandwidth.
  • Customers, who are interested in storage or unmetered bandwidth, they should check HostGator, Bluehost, and SiteGround.
  • Similarly, web owners, who are interested in a free SSL certificate, should try DreamHost, HostGator and Bluehost. GoDaddy also offers an SSL certificate but with extra high charges.
  • HostGator, SiteGeround, A2 Hosting, and Hostinger allow free email account.
  • GoDaddy includes free business email in the first year of subscription.

·         Once your site is growth, change your hosting plans:

Once the website is grown, it is easy to migrate it from one host to another to upgrade your web hosting.

  • Shared web hosting – Best for new websites and blogs. All websites are stored on one physical hosting server where they share server resources like storage, bandwidth, RAM, and computing power. If your website doesn’t get much traffic, this is the best place to start.
  • VPS hosting – VPS stands for a virtual private server. Although VPS is similar to shared hosting (speed and uptime wise) and it stores multiple websites on the same server, it provides more customization options and you’ll have more control. With VPS you can scale your resources based on your needs.
  • Cloud hosting – Type of hosting service which allows many computers to work together, run applications, and use combined computing resources. Cloud-hosted websites can use the resources of multiple servers, which means they’re not limited to a single server location.
  • Managed WordPress – Best for high traffic WordPress sites. WordPress managed to host covers the same hosting needs as general web hosting services; however, its main focus is to optimize the performance of a WordPress site.
  • Dedicated hosting – Best for big, enterprise websites. Type of hosting server that gives website owners the resources of one entire server for their website. This type of hosting provides websites with the ability to handle large amounts of traffic and the ability to customize it to their needs in terms of CPU, RAM, disk space, and software.


Separating a perfect web host requires several elements. You have to use suitable technology to create it, appraisal of your website, web page elements, and other future growth aspects. All this, while keeping an especial space for any emerging technologies or web trends.

In any scenario, you need to choose a web hosting provider that provides the utmost care.

The above list will help you to compile 10 top hosting service providers. It will help you to determine the ultimate choice, consideration in various manners like reputation, security, the response of customer time, server uptime guarantee, and reliability. Whatever, you are going to choose after reading this will add value to your money as well as time.


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