Top 10 Best Antivirus Software For 2020.

Before installing antivirus protection, view this list of top 10 best antivirus software. It will allow your family to protect their devices from any online threat.

Top 10 Best Antivirus Software for 2020


This list of best Antivirus software will keep your computer safe and secure.

Having sure antivirus security service is essential in these days because of the growing number of cyber threats. However, it targets businesses and consumers in the crowded market segment, but picking the best antivirus software can be challenging.


Digileaks is available to help you with some amazing options for the best antivirus software. By reading this article, you will be updated with all the newest deals and latest releases.

Therefore, keep reading all the following information related to antivirus software!


Top 10 That You May Get Today:

While streaming videos and surfing on the internet, it seems to painless. But the fact of using the internet might be more dangerous. It happens due to a large number of users, willing to monitor their online activity to avoid stealing their personal information. Usually, it is for financial gain but in some cases, it can cause trouble. Hackers steal the data or information for several reasons and are working to improve the technique constantly. All the techniques include any kind of malicious software like:


  • Viruses, which change other software on your computer in harmful ways
  • Adware, which causes unwanted ads to pop up on your computer
  • Spyware, which allows someone to monitor your computer activities
  • Ransomware, which can lock up your computer until you pay a fee, or "ransom"
  • Worms, which are malicious bits of code that can spread from one computer to another



All the above reasons fall under a term known as “malware”. However, the devices can be attacked in various other ways serving as phishing an attempt that tries to trick while using fake websites and steal the data as well as personal information.


A positive point occurs when users start using smart internet security practices such as using strong passwords and protecting the information by purchasing antivirus software. Antivirus software scans information or a received file whenever you email, surf on the web, or perform any online activity.


In case, a file seems suspicious, this antivirus software can warn the user not to click or use that website. Similarly, we accidentally downloaded any security threat into the device. This software will attempt to quarantine that particular file and eliminate the entire threat.


Several antivirus software offer programs along with Virtual Private Network (VPN). This type of software disguises the user’s online activities and a firewall. It also monitors network traffic as well as parental controls system that protect the children.


Our Recommendation:       

If you are searching for free virus detection or antivirus protection, you want to know about the paid antivirus programs. Here you will have a proper comparison between the software that offers broad coverage on every device. And even includes phishing, ransomware, removes virus and malware from your PC, and a lot more.


To help protect you online, here's the Best Antivirus Software of 2020:


  1. Norton 360
  2. McAfee Total Protection
  3. Avast antivirus
  4. Avira
  5. Malwarebytes
  6. BullGuard
  7. Bitdefender Total Security
  8. Kaspersky Internet Security
  9. Panda
  10. AVG


The Best Antivirus Software of 2020:


To help you narrow down your search for an antivirus program for Windows, we've researched the Best Antivirus Software of 2020. These programs are designed for computers running Windows 10, Windows 7, or another version of Windows. When two prices are listed with a slash between them, the first price refers to the first year and the second price refers to subsequent years.


1.       Norton 360 :                                             


“Smooth protection for your system”

Operating system: Windows only | Maximum devices covered: 5 | Standout features: Advanced privacy security, financial security, global civilian intelligence network



Norton Antivirus Plus is one of the latest antivirus programs of entry-level. As you may know, Norton is working for decades and has earned a solid reputation. Norton keeps offering new elements to improve its reputation by adding decent value in the annual subscription cost. Besides, it offers few customization options that control the overall settings.


We appreciate the URL blocker because it protects against malware through blocking visits on malicious websites. This program is much cautioned to run continuously along with scanning all the available demands.


Norton Antivirus Plus has its own identity that provides a password manager for the browser. However, few users have reported some issues while using the Chrome extension. They face trouble with the password manager randomly stops working and its prevention from pole position in our ranking.   


Special note: if you are reading this article from the UK then this product is still famous with its old name that is “Norton Antivirus Basic”. But for the rest of the world, it has changed the name with “Plus” in June 2019. 


Pros of Norton 360:


  • Quick Installation
  • Friendly interface
  • Assures complete protection
  • Free Support 24/7/365
  • Parental Control
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Cloud Backup
  • Secure VPN
  • Password Manager
  • Bank-Grade Encryption
  • Ad Tracking and Blocking
  • Multi-Device Capability
  • Life lock Identity Theft Protection for specific editions


Cons of Norton 360:


  • Cloud Backup and Safe Cam features are available only for windows operating system
  • Norton Parental Control features do not support on Mac operating system
  • You must always have a data plan and you must always turn on the internet on your PC
  • Massive impact on your system performance during every scan
  • Other antivirus competitors are offering free trial versions and also premium versions at a premium less than that of this program.



2.   McAfee Total Protection:

“Best for Home Network Security”

Operating system: Windows only | Maximum devices covered: 1 0| Standout features: Wi-Fi inspector, browser cleanup, smart analytics virus detection



This antivirus software includes internet security features such as encryption storage, safe web browsing. Plus world-class protections against malware like spyware, viruses, and ransomware along with password manager.


As we get a deeper knowledge about McAfee Total Protection, we learn the abilities of total protection of worthy investment. And it provides remarkable bonuses extra features as well which includes top-quality security tools that protect from every angle.


Another standout feature of this protection software offers “My Home Network”. It gives access to an easy-to-read map for all types of devices on your home Wi-Fi network. Moreover, it gives total control over online security and allows locking out intruders.


Users may never know when they need it! U wouldn’t believe, a few months ago, my friend downloaded the notorious. Switcher Trojan was working on her Android phone, some virus-infected her Wi-Fi router. Luckily, McAfree alerts her by sending a notification of unauthorized attempt and it immediately stops this attack.


Similarly, McAfree can protect from various attacks and improve online security even more drastically. Thus, McAfree is among the top market leaders in cybersecurity besides, Total Protection working best for antivirus packages.  


Pros of McAfee Total Protection:


  • Password manager to manage passwords for all your account.
  • Value for money
  • User-configurable firewall
  • Gaming mode


Cons of McAfee Total Protection:

  • Browser dependent parental control
  • Simplistic firewall
  • Sometimes makes the system to slowdown


3.   Avast Antivirus:

“The pro version kicks the free offering up a serious notch”

Operating system: Windows only | Maximum devices covered: 10 | Standout features: Wi-Fi inspector, browser cleanup, smart analytics virus detection.



Avast antivirus is an excellent longstanding antivirus software with free offering options. However, it is maintaining a good reputation in paid offering as well, it can add more protection that makes it worth to upgrade.

Avast Pro has several additional features like protection from hijacking your DNS, sandboxing of suspicious files, Wi-Fi inspection against wireless poaching attacks.


Consequently, it cleans up your browser with all the unwanted toolbars, malicious browser extensions too. In many cases, when support is required, it gives convenient messaging from Avast Pro software. 


When we talk about the downsides of Avast antivirus, charges of the paid version are more than the free version. We noticed that Avast Pro is comparatively expensive from other antivirus software. But good part comes along with it, it gives a 30-days free trial with multiple options and several other yearly discount plans are also available. 


Pros of Avast Antivirus:


  • Compatible with most operating systems
  • Reasonable price
  • Offers a free trial period
  • Easy to install
  • Auto-scan the external storage devices without letting it to harm your computer


Cons of Avast Antivirus:


  • When a full scan is running, the system might be slow
  • Reports could be better managed
  • Has minimum system requirements


4.   Avira:                          

“Best for System Optimization”

Operating system: Windows only | Maximum devices covered: 50 | Standout features: blocking malicious, phishing sites through Firefox and Chrome browser extension. 




Avira contains a vast range of products; all provide the best security solutions. Avira’s top best antivirus package includes Avira prime with unlimited VPN, Password Manager Pro. It also offers premium apps for Androids as well as iOS and advanced multi-layer ransomware protection to detect and prevent from encryption.


Some other features include an anti-phishing browser. However, in our testing process, it was not performing well as compare to McAfee and Norton antivirus software. But still, Avira provides a good amount of top-notch with some extra features containing high-quality anti-malware engines which are remarkable.


It indeed contains many other antivirus products with tune-up tools such as app designs. It helps the user’s device to run smoothly without any free hard drive space. Although the Avira Prime system has speedup features, its optimized tools.


Including “Power Boost” it puts the entire available task in a single task best for gamers. “Hyper boost” improves the starting time of your computer and “On Watch” cleans up the entire pre-set specifications of your computer automatically.


For testing this antivirus system, I was using my old system just to prevent my best PC from any sort of infected malware. But I was surprised to see that my old system working like a new one. Despite this, my old system was running faster than when it was new.


Avira program is super lightweight, scans deep while running the background. You could easily use your outdates computer without any virtual slowdown. Thus, it makes Avira Prime one of the great investments, it increases the speed of your computer and supports hard drive space.     


For that reason, Avira has a respectful position in cybersecurity tools and well known as the best online security provider. It produces the best anti-malware engines in the entire world, specifically Avira Prime. This anti-virus provides unlimited products and my favorite product is system speedups which have perfect solutions for optimizing slow or old versions.     


Pros of Avira:


  • Light on the system
  • Modern and neat UI
  • Fully customizable installer: can select features to install
  • Hardened mode to block all unknown programs
  • Lots of features and components to tweak
  • Good detection capability with supporting secondary components


Cons of Avira:


  • Many ad's and pop-up's
  • The default setup is bloated
  • Need an account to use the product after 1 month
  • Need an anti-ransomware module
  • DeepScreen is not good enough and disabled by default
  • Unintuitive Settings UI, HIPS module needs to improve (remember option necessary)
  • Ads in web plugin and has a long way to go (not great at the moment)
  • Not great signatures for real-world protection
  • Cloud reputation needs improvement



5.   Malwarebytes:

“Wipeout aggressive malware”


Operating system: Windows only | Maximum devices covered: 20| Standout features: stop ransomware attacks, prevent tool malware infections, and clean infected devices.




These days, antivirus products are used to protect the user’s computer form viruses and prevent spreading infected programs. Similarly, this software not only predicted early viruses but also detect them easily through simple techniques.  


In the current environment of pernicious ransomware, polymorphic malware, and other advanced attacks, these antiviruses recognize malware easily by watching utterly insufficient files. This behavior of analyzing is compulsory therefore, Malwarebytes Premium allows exactly every layer of protection. That’s the reason it has earned a great reputation in our testing process. Although it does not have a high rating in independent testing labs, we appreciate its services.


As you know some companies assign new product versions at least every year, others skip this step completely. Malwarebytes allows the users to use several versions but just assigns a new whole-number. Today, here we are reviewing new versions.


Bitdefender, Webroot, Trend Micro, Kaspersky, etc may cost $39.99 per year same as Malwarebytes. In $79.99 per year, the user can protect up to 5 devices. The current version is full-scale antivirus and position as a second-opinion companion product.


Furthermore, you can add little efforts to run it along with third-party antivirus without paying for two antivirus solutions. Thus, in this packed field of commercial antivirus programs, we recommend it as a good choice.


When version 3 was released, Malwarebytes ransomware detection and rolled exploit while changing into Malwarebytes Premium. Hence, this Premium version is suitable for replacing standard antivirus. However, the free edition does not include real-time protection. It can do a single thing that is cleaning up all the existing malware issues.


Adding into it, when the user installs a free version user can have 14-days of the free trial feature. And if the user did not upgrade the trial version before it gets expire, they have lost quite a bit. As the program is full of not-so-subtle as well as subtle suggestions that bounce the upgrade. Similarly, in version 4, if the user is sure to join free edition, they can select the option of installation and skip the trial one.

It is hard to share this fact, but antivirus is indeed created by faulty humans which may have some faulty features. Some of the brand-new programs of any antivirus software might have nasty things or disable the entire protection. Or the user might also have some existing malware infestation which prevents installation with full-scale antivirus solutions.


Malwarebytes free version exists just to wipe off all the attackers, who can defense or have set up a shop that can protect before installation. It cannot protect the attacks that can-do permanent damages like ransomware.         



Pros of Malwarebytes:


  • Simple installation
  • Light system impact
  • Wide list of features
  • Strong PC cleaning
  • Excellent scores in our hands-on malware protection and malicious URL blocking tests.
  • Includes exploit protection, ransomware protection, behavior-based detection.


Cons of Malwarebytes:


  • Inspection on emails
  • Quick scan option
  • Few and poor independent lab test scores.
  • Phishing protection ineffective.
  • Ransomware detection results mixed.



  1. BullGuard:


                                                “Best for High-Powered Protection (and Gamers)”

Operating system: Windows and Mac| Maximum devices covered: 6 | Standout features: Ransomware protection, anti-phishing, anti-spyware, next-gen anti-malware.




BullGuard endeavor impressive malware protection along with various low-costing pricing plans. It includes several additional features such as intuitive parental controls, convenient cloud backup, secure & highly protective firewalls.


This antivirus scored well in all sorts of safety detective tests. Despite this, it has many great features with top plans like phishing protection. This brings perfect results during our testing process against numerous fake websites.


One of the features that I like the most is Game Booster. It frees up a system that ensures different resources for all games to run them smoothly and thoroughly. While preventing annoying pop-ups that interrupt during the gameplay it provides easy running.


Whenever I play games, I hate watching annoying pop-ups displays and slowing down the speed of my computer because of antivirus software. However, it is extremely frustrating, tempting to disable antivirus protection. But it can expose your computer to malware problems.


So, I tried enabling BullGuard’s Game Booster. Fortunately, I haven’t experienced any slowdown in my PC performance. Besides, this game booster allows my games to run even faster by isolating other active apps into a particular single CPU core.


Consequently, it is a famous antivirus choice for all gamers. Likely, BullGuard antivirus works for all anti-malware engines rather than just for gamers, an excellent product for non-gamer too.


The powerful antivirus technology adds some great features that help us to improve performance. Do take advantage of a 30-days free trial to watch how it works for you and then decide to make a purchase.    

Pros of BullGuard:


  • Good pricing
  • Game booster
  • Anti-phishing
  • Anti-ransomware
  • Safe browsing
  • Anti-malware
  • Vulnerability scanner


Cons of BullGuard:


  • Protection testing results are poor
  • Slow to provide activation keys after purchase
  • Customer service reps lack product knowledge


7.   Bitdefender Total Security:


“Best for Extra Features”

Operating system: Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS | Maximum devices covered: 5-10| Standout features:  creates encrypted, password-protected vaults for confidential and sensitive documents.




Bitdefender is managing to be in the top best names of antivirus service providers in cybersecurity software. With more than billions of users from all over the world Bitdefender Total security offers top-tier antivirus products. These days, it is being worked as a provider that gives highly effective and powerful antivirus solutions in perfect rates. It offers most comprehensive security suites, some of its extensive ranges of features are:


  • Anti-theft tools
  • VPN
  • Tune-up tools
  • Password manager
  • Parental controls
  • Web protection includes protection against phishing, fraud, and spam.
  • On-demand and real-time protection against all types of malware.


And the list might go on. While noticing different features during our testing, we discover that this antivirus provides every imaginable tool of cybersecurity.


 All the tools are included in the Total security plan of course it pays equal attention to quality as well as quantity. The full superb feature gives highly effective features such as reliable anti-thief software, fast, easy-to-use VPN, and other tune-up tools. Even though, most importantly Bitdefender's antivirus engine is very much power but I like to use its advanced threat defense.


Constantly, this advanced threat defense monitories the active application to detect any suspicious behavior. In case, it found any issues the multi-layer Ransomware protection safeguards all the files from encryption.      


When we talk about the drawbacks of Bitdefender, it was hard to find any. Only a relatively complicated was found during setup and installation, it took more time to complete the entire process. But that is not a huge fault, so if you have enough time to install that will be a reward for you with powerful antivirus software.


Last but not the least, Bitdefender Total Security provides a phenomenally wide range of tools that allows the user to get be security in cheap pricing as compare to other competitors. All this without compromising on quality, it enhances the online life. We recommend this antivirus software for people, who want to ensure their online safety extremely seriously.

Pros of Bitdefender Total Security:


  • Decent anti-malware protection
  • Below average system impact
  • Free trials for all available plans
  • A good set of extra features
  • Offers a reliable VPN
  • Easy to use, straightforward
  • Protects home users and businesses


Cons of Bitdefender Total Security:


  • The entry-level packages only protect the Win OS
  • More expensive than the closest rivals
  • Not as impressive in third-party lab tests as the leaders


  1. Kaspersky Internet Security:


“Best for Online Shopping and Banking”


Operating system: Windows only | Maximum devices covered: 500| Standout features: real-time protection for all kinds of malware, quick, custom, and full scheduled scans.




The world of the web is filled with different kinds of hazards. Therefore, owning antivirus software that protects you against any cyberattack is necessary.


 With Kaspersky Internet Security you may have solid protection with some impressive bonus features. It includes safe online activities while online banking, shopping, and much more. Without any proper protection, online activities might be risky, the user is exposed to several financial thieves.


 Falling as a victim into a keylogger spyware or banking trojan might have devastating consequences. I know many of the people, who lost thousands of their dollars just because of not paying careful attention. For this reason, having a safe process while doing online activities is a must.


Much antivirus software has different packages that offer a variety of online payment protection, the same as Kaspersky solutions “Safe Money”. This feature of Kaspersky can also detect whenever the user makes a payment or use online banking.


With this, you can launch a sandboxed browser window, safe that impassable to malware. Users can also use an on-screen keyboard that helps them to avoid keylogger detection. Certainly, the engine of Kaspersky antivirus delivers the best results in its industry against every sort of malware.


Checking out this review can help you to determine many Kaspersky Internet Security product lines. It was 100% forceful and sufficient while testing anti-malware. After taking the test, I develop an opinion that this antivirus gives the best value plans in entry-level products and has a solid application. The expensive product of Kaspersky includes some useless features which are worthless to upgrade.


Along with these points, Kaspersky is a well-designed, powerful antivirus package. It earns perfect detection results on malware during our testing. My favorite feature is Safe money because it provides secure protection on every type of financial information.   


Pros of Kaspersky Internet Security: 


  • It provides Superior protection from online as well as offline
  • Anti-phishing
  • Provides a full range of Parental Control feature
  • Best Firewall Protection
  • Backup available for both Cloud and Local


Cons of Kaspersky Internet Security:


  • Mac suite has a limited feature as compare to Windows suite
  • iOS protection is limited
  • A little bit expensive as compare to other Kaspersky products


9.   Panda:

                                               “Best for Flexible Pricing”


Operating system: Windows only | Maximum devices covered: 5| Standout features: reduce the chance of infection, protect against key loggers, and automatic USB drive scanning.




Panda antivirus software is a cloud-based virus detector, it offers an easy-to-use and smart interface with 5 pricing packages. We learn many things about Panda while testing this powerful security solution.


 Its free packages include real-time virus protection and a firewall for Windows, plus a VPN (limited to one virtual location and 150 MB per day). An essential package adds Android and macOS malware protection, Wi-Fi protection, and external device scanning.


Similarly, the advance package adds some more advanced features like parental controls, protection against ransomware, and safe browsing. Furthermore, the user can have a complete package that includes a Data Shield for encrypting your personal information, a password manager, and device optimization tools. And the premium ones provide unlimited VPN access across 22 locations and 24/7 priority technical support.


However, the pricing is different according to the features from top to bottom packages. Despite this fact, you can enjoy monthly payment plans that provide the first free month for their users to determine the right product for themselves with attaching any risks.


Every plan has its fantastic value like Panda Dome Advanced or Free. The Panda Dome Free offers real-time virus protection something which is lacking in almost every free antivirus product. On the other hand, Panda Dome Advanced offers great valuable plans that ensure excellent protection as well as parental controls. 


Beyond these plans, Panda Dome also provides several security features which include password manager, VPN, real-time virus & ransomware protection.


Pros of Panda:


  • Affordable prices
  • Additional safety features
  • Simple and appealing interface
  • Low impact on the system


Cons of Panda:

  • Lab test results are not the best
  • No ransomware protection in the cheapest plan
  • 24/7 support is available only for Premium users



  1. AVG:

“Free Antivirus, Tuneup & VPN for all devices”

Operating system: Windows only | Maximum devices covered: 4| Standout features: malware & ransomware protection.




AVG antivirus is a better form of security product in today’s marketplace. Although it has some flaws like unusually heavy impact on the system while scanning, it is not among the top best antivirus software. But still have 200 million users, because AVG is easy and a popular platform of this world. As it is the main part of the Avast family, it provides the best security products including well-known Avast antivirus packages.


AVG manages to share the same quality of product with core technology as other programs on Avast offers. It has unique user-interfaced designs that work perfectly in the free version. You can even have access to PC performance checks, virus-detection, and rapid security updates.


However, many favorable tools can also upgrade through paid AVG products. For instance, when the user purchases AVG Internet Security to get further enhancement in firewalls, block web-cam snoopers, or block fake E-commerce websites.


In the free version, AVG can run on Os X, Windows, and Android devices too. It uses all the same database threats as a premium AVG program and protects to uncover all these dangerous viruses. Free version performs a perfect solution before the virus damages your devices, ensures to provide plenty of protection solutions.


Here, in the AVG antivirus system, you will have scanning tools that help your device, compare your files with a vast database that contains malware signature. In case, it finds any suspicious files which are not similar to a known virus, it can easily encounter them. Once the software analysis the files, further its work on monitoring those threats which can be harmful or your system.  


After installing the free version of AVG antivirus, you are automatically safe from spyware & hidden malware in email attachments. If you are updated through the latest news, you will be updated that ransomware attacks are rising more past few years. For the purpose, you have to target your protection through purchasing versions of AVG to stay safe from ransomware-style antivirus.  



Pros of AVG:


  • Has full-fledged free versions for Windows, Mac, and Android
  • Scored very high in independent tests as a tool for malware protection
  • Fast and lightweight
  • Some additional tools are great (a file shredder, a web security plug-in, a VPN solution)
  • It is very easy to operate even for non-specialists


Cons of AVG:


  • No free antivirus programs
  • The range of extra tools is limited
  • Sometimes it slows down a PC
  • A pack for multiple devices is unreasonably expensive
  • Malware detection is not flawless




Choosing any antivirus software that eliminates spyware, all sort of malware, protects your sensitive data, control your webcam, and prevent remote peeping or showing up in their commercial products. Many of the above products include features such as on-screen keyloggers too.


However, many products extend their protection by scanning files of the entire system on demand. Once it is clear they schedule blocking malware-hosting URLs for some good reasons to avoid further complications. On the other hand, all these software keeps notifying the user about the legitimate program too. Therefore, Antivirus software is one of the most essential parts of any web user.

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