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PAID VPN vs FREE VPN | Which is best for you?


PAID VPN vs FREE VPN | Which is best for you?


VPNs are used for security and privacy purposes that help the user to get access to all those links, websites, and pages that are restricted or not permissible to open. All the VPNs are developed by private companies who take your privacy very seriously.

It also ensures a fast, private, and secure internet connection for its users and its customers. It is a lifetime investment made by the customer to achieve access to the network of high performance, greater abilities, and an efficient support center of staff for customer care.

When it comes to the free VPN then we often get results that are below expectations from the VPN that we choose to be free and with limited traffic. A free VPN works in the same circumstances as compared to the paid VPNs, but it follows some of the rules and instructions that are quite vividly or are presented in an abstract form.

There always lies a competition or a war between free VPNs and paid VPNs because of their attributes, quality of performance, and traffic flow. However, free VPNs means more traffic that refers to a slow connection. Furthermore, it has a disadvantage that if speed becomes slow due to high traffic, it might affect the downloads through a slow system that reaches to slow data transfer that will be limited and connection might drop back and forth.

Furthermore, free VPNs don’t follow any legal obligations that will help the client and the customer to protect its data. A free VPN might provide a huge set of server network that is used by many countries around the world.

A free VPN somehow has to make money from other sources such as showing advertisements, campaigns, monologues, and other ads that are shown by the VPN companies. It might also take your data and sell it to third parties without letting you know about it. That is perhaps a threat to the private data storage of the customers.

However, on the other hand, paid VPN works as a highway road that provides multiple servers that prefer on achieving the best and the fastest connection speed that a customer requires. Paid VPN has the tendency to work at a faster pace with fast internet data transfer and performance.

It’s a battle between the free VPN vs the paid one. A paid VPN such as Nord VPN or the ExpressVPN helps in the recreation of encryption with the offering of a proper log system and accomplishment of the data privacy network. A paid VPN can access all the remote areas as well through the server, which further allows its customers to choose from the thousands available networks and servers worldwide. Through this, each server will show excellent proficiency and it will effectively perform its function.

Meanwhile, paid VPNs directly earn money from the subscribers that is why it doesn’t have to steal the data of the user and sell it to third parties. However, you can now trust the paid VPNs that safeguard your private networking and online streaming. Nord VPN and the Express, VPN has a lot of new functions and offers to provide, for the customers in a more efficient way.

ARE free VPNs safe?

As per users and research guides, most customers have a bad experience while using the free VPNs when it comes to their privacy policy and data storage. A free VPN sometimes is not safe to use because of its third party intervention and stealing of data to make more money.

Unfortunately, free things always have some defects and maintenance issues. That is why free VPN services, facilities, and other performance is limited and less efficient than the paid VPNs. Free VPNs can sometimes work quite actively while sometimes it has some flaws and drawbacks.

A free VPN doesn’t keep you completely anonymous online because of its unreliable nature of functioning, it has neither the ability to perfectly cover your cyber threat or shield you from the third-party intervention.

A free VPN can be used by beginners who are in search of the best VPNs. It can also be used by those who are learning how to use a VPN or learning about what does a VPN actually does? Otherwise, most people prefer using paid VPNs because of its broad global server networks. That also gives access to all the Geo-restricted websites.

A limited free VPN can work efficiently for the users for a limited period of time. A VPN that requires no money or any paid subscription, then the user has to be more careful while using the free VPN. So this means that free VPNs can sometimes be very dangerous and threatening.

You should use the safest free VPN that can secure your data, however, you should avoid using those VPNs that offer or provide unlimited services.

Should I pay for a VPN?

Paying or subscribing for a VPN means that a user is trusting the paid VPN that will provide all the privacy opportunities to the customer that he/she needs. A paid VPN will never compromise your privacy, neither it will compromise your security for earning more or extra money in return.

So, it is a good decision to pay for the VPNs like Nord VPN, Express VPN, CyberGhost, SurfShark, ZenMate, ULTRAVPN, and other VPNs that provide broad bandwidth to function properly.  Paid VPNs enable the user to securely browse anywhere anonymously.

Paid VPN providers long-lasting premium services and features that offer complete protection of the data to the user. Hence, there is always an availability of the VPN server, when you are browsing or using Netflix.

How do free VPNs make money?

Free VPNs make money by showing campaigns and ads during the working of the VPN. It also makes money while selling the privacy data and users' personal data as well as browsing history to the third party to earn money.

Free VPNs do not fulfill all your long term and short term needs because of the limitation of the VPN network and its server. However, it will often ask you to upgrade your VPN account or the software.

A free VPN only provides a point-to-point tunneling protocol that earns money through initiating sidelines.

What about free trial VPNs?

The free trial period that is offered by the free VPNs for the short term use can be more beneficial rather than using the long terms free trial that can be a risk. However, it is witnessed that free VPNs whether on a trial basis or a short basis doesn’t often return your money back.

Therefore, paid VPNs always have this feature and service that it will provide the paid VPN for a certain period on the trial basis along with a money-back guarantee.

Getting a free trial VPN doesn’t pay any advantage to the user. Moreover, during the free trial hackers can hack all the confidential and personal information that was required by the VPN to keep it private and secure.

Final thoughts regarding free VPN vs paid VPN

Free VPN can use your data and sell it to the other companies, however, they have the ability to allow the third party to track your online activities and sell your personal or browsing data. It has the capability to hijack your browser for other means.

Free VPN servers can be corrupted and hanged due to more traffic. However, it can also affect the infrastructure of networking sites. A free VPN causes a slow internet connection as compared to the paid VPN.

Paid VPN is famous for providing top-notch security and network with high speed and relatable performance.  A paid VPN gives you access to all the block and restricted sites and programs like YouTube or Netflix. That perhaps you can access these restricted sites in China as well.

So, now it is a win, lose situation between the paid VPN and the free VPN, respectively because of their performance, bandwidth, support, VPN availability, server functionality, and VPN protocol as well as its connection speed. Consequently, it must be easy for you to decide that you should opt for which VPN?