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The Main Disadvantages Of VPN You Need To Know


The Main Disadvantages Of VPN You Need To Know


A VPN helps you to hide your original IP-Address, protect your data from encryption, and even unblock many IP-Addresses that have protected content. Consequently, it allows you to stay safe, anonymity and provides freedom. But, remember everything comes with both disadvantages along with its advantages. Therefore, before installing a VPN service provider, it is necessary for all to have a look at the disadvantages of a VPN.

Some of the well-known disadvantages of VPN services are as follows:

  1. It slows down your internet connectivity.
  2. VPNs itself are used illegally.
  3. It is specifically restricted to services like Netflix.
  4. It can’t prove how much encryption is strong.
  5. Potential reselling and logging details or other internet habits can be leaked out to third parties.
  6. The connection can break more often.
  7. The increase may arise in an unwarranted sense of online impunity.
  8. Free VPN, sometimes bring worse situations.


A VPN service provider might affect the usage of your internet connection in many ways. Down below you can find some more detailed and explained experiences. If you find low-speed, or it causes you some blockage, this article will help you out. 

You can find much about the legality of the VPN according to several different countries. However, many of them may give effect experiences but some may not. To avoid these potential disadvantages, it is worthy to invest in a reliable and trusted VPN service provider that does not have any of these properties.


VPN may slow down the speed:

The VPN service provider can slightly slow down the speed of the internet connection as it encrypts and rerouted the internet connection. Therefore, the speed should be check while using VPN, the best VPN service providers like ExpressVPN and NordVPN also slow down the speed, in fact, they rarely stay the same. However, many users may not notice the difference found in speed, but some users who use the wrong connection can face severe problems. For example, if a gamer wants a VPN connection to have access to multi-player games, they should search a VPN that is especially for playing games and supports their experiences. 


You may block by some services:

Some certain services used to block this VPN service, as they are not supposed to have access to it. For example, a certain government restricts some specific content for the city because they feel this type of content will have threatens their native values or for other reasons. Consequently, many content providers lock their content to earn from paid licenses such as BBC iPlayer. VPN is also restricted to stream content from Hulu and Netflix, these companies have many movies distributors. These distributors allow this content in some specific countries only.


VPN is not legal in all countries:

Although, VPN is legal are several countries, many companies and large organizations are using these service providers as an essential part of their securities. But still some countries want full control over their citizens and want to watch on their internet activities. Therefore, people in countries like China and Russia have to approve their VPN service provider from their government officially, before using it. Thus, the use of a VPN is totally illegal in sure countries, even though, in North Korea VPN is completely banned.


You may not find the right quality of encryption:

If you find a VPN that gives exactly what they offer, then you might the luckiest person ever. Most VPN service providers do not offer the same, because they understand that an average human being, who is a PC user, he does not have enough knowledge about cryptography. To avoid this, one should consider reading the review part thoroughly, before committing or subscribing for a VPN. A review includes brief explanations about protocols, types of encryption and a lot more.


Potential reselling, logging details or other internet habits may leak to third parties:

The route of your internet data or traffic travels to your PC through the VPN server. It encrypts the data and makes it usable for many other servers to hide your original IP addresses. That means you have to use a trusted VPN that might not lose your confidence or abuse your data in any way. However, several VPN connections ignore your personal data and keep bargaining until the last point.    


The connection can break more often:

Best VPN providers include a useful feature which is known as kill-switch in any software. Whenever the connection drops, the VPN server disconnects and you suddenly left that server without any protection that can connect the linked with your original IP address. In such a case, this kill-switch helps immediately when the connection breaks and restored the connection to reestablished VPN connection without leaking your IP details.


Unwarranted sense of online impunity may increase:

Many VPN users believe that a VPN connection keeps them completely safe from unaffected malware. Well! This is a misconception, even with a strong and stable connection, you still get:

  • Followed across all internet, Web advertisers, trackers, hackers, intelligence agencies can spy on you.
  • Fall pray as well as targeted to phishing attacks.
  • Infected by some types of malware
  • Locked out of certain databases, networks, and deep web pages, etc.

VPN service provides help you to encrypt the data, hide your IP address and gain the content that you were not able to watch before. But still, smart hackers and agencies can track your identifying IP addresses, which the first and main clue.


Free VPN can be the cause of Worst circumstances:

As many people love to use free VPN service providers, which is easily available these days. You can have access to it but unfortunately, it is not designed to allow the user to use their internet anonymously. Despite this, this is making money, for example, a VPN service Hola VPN is a clear piece, and they are providing VPN service. These types of VPN are designed to collect personal information or details and share it with third parties. In this way, they earn massive money by selling certain information. Thus, it is better to stay away from VPN service instead of installing other security features or Adblocker.

Some free VPN contains limited speed, limited data, advertisements and restrictions on download too.


Final Thoughts:

The most common disadvantages of a VPN are annoying but it does not necessarily affect every user. However, large numbers of VPN disadvantages are encountered on free or cheap VPN service Providers. Therefore, choosing the right service provider can save your life. For instance, in several cases the right type of VPN can possibly make your internet connection even faster, this happen due to ISP throttles of the connections. In sure cases, the connection gets faster as well as safer.

Blockades are designed specifically for VPN providers; it even does not create problems each time. Netflix usually does not block every VPN server, in fact, it blocks some certain providers. In conclusion, there are many definite disadvantages that can possibly happen to you when you are using a VPN connection. Despite this, many can get eliminated by using quality providers. The best key point is to be careful while choosing the VPN services provider.