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Finding the best VPN to keep you safe online feels impossible.There are hundreds of VPNs out there, and each one claims it's the best.

Best VPN Services For 2020: Trusted, Safe & Fast (2020 Update)

The Best VPN Services For 2020

VPN is known as a “Virtual Private Network” that is designed to operate a private network managing the issues of private policy. The corridor of the dynamics regarding the private network that is under the possession of a company is taken care of by the VPN itself. VPN varies from one another concerning IP addresses, servers and clients involved, location and speed features, and the efficiency of the security and privacy that it offers to the clients and the users.

A company usually has a secure private network that can only be accessed by the employees of the company or team managers can have easy access to the VPN internet network. It remains confidential so that less traffic flow or network force can be observed to maintain the secrecy policy of the virtual network along with keeping the company’s private networking sites and websites secure.

A secure VPN can result in producing positive results and outcomes on the company’s or a private organization’s reputation. Devices that can be connected to the private VPN network that can be further operated by the staff working in private company’s or firms. Devices might include:

  • Mobile phones that are connected to VPN services and network
  • Computers or laptops that are operated through VPN service
  • Other electronic gadgets that require the access of the VPNs


Moreover, the best VPN of 2020 is considered to be a long list of VPN connections that can further facilitate the clients and the server of the private network at the same time. The list includes the names of the private VPN connections that depend on the best VPN services offered by the network.

It is a fact that the best VPNs will provide the best services to the clients and the users. So the list of the best VPN and VPN services include:




ExpressVPN is an official private network offered by the British Virgin Island-registered company Express VPN International Ltd. It is used worldwide, as software for privacy and security purposes. It also supports and directs the web traffic along with encryption. ExpressVPN also masks the client's IP address.

It is considered one of the best VPN due to its liability, its specialized services, and features. ExpressVPN is a trusted leader of VPNs. This private network is being used by users in more than 160 locations and 94 countries around the globe.

This express VPN provides access to unrestricted sites across the globe. It can stay secure and stay anonymous or unidentified when a user will go online. ExpressVPN facilitates the user while operating via multiple devices that include, MAC book, Android, iOS, and Windows

ExpressVPN tends to defeat all restricted websites and censorship. However, it also provides access to all the local and international YouTube, Netflix channels and programs, respectively. This VPN hides all the IP addresses of the user who is using this private network. It actively encrypts the user's data and personal information.

ExpressVPN provides powerful online protection. It is amongst the top VPN that legalize the boundaries around the internet server. Now you can enjoy free and safe browsing while using the virtual private network. However, it provides 24-hour live chat support to the user for further convenience.

It is the top-rated and top paid VPN because it has the award-winning software that can work or function on any device. Some of the advantages of the ExpressVPN are:

  • It offers network split tunneling
  • It offers trusted server technology
  • Contains zero-knowledge DNS
  • Provides best in class encryption
  • Offers no activity or connection logs
  • It defeats ISP throttling
  • Hence, it can be used on five devices simultaneously
  • It offers unlimited bandwidth

ExpressVPN is considered the king of all the top paid VPNs and their services. It operates almost 3000 servers across different countries.

One of the disadvantages of ExpessVPN is that it is a little over-priced VPN with pricey plans and it offers almost three simultaneous connections to its users, which are not considered sufficient. Apart from all of this, ExpressVPN gets top ratings from the client-side.




CyberGhost is a software company that offers a virtual private network for web browsing. The company is situated in Bucharest, Romania. It was founded in 2011. It depends on the business type of subsidiary.

It is the top-rated VPN that enables the client to take advantage of the available deals, packages, and various VPN services. CyberGhost is powered by 15 years of experience. Users can browse and stream the web without any limitations. You can access all the blocked websites or geo-restricted sites and links. You may enjoy P2P torrenting via using the Cyberghost VPN. CyberGhost enjoys the deal of online surfing and bypassing to unblock all the mandatory streaming services.

Using CyberGhost you can stay safe and be anonymous online. You can hide your IP addresses and IP policy. Secure your bank transaction, protect digital identity, and use military-grade encryption. You may stay hidden by no logs policy to achieve better results and outcomes.

CyberGhost VPN works with over 5700 plus servers in 89 and more countries. This VPN provides blazing fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth. You won’t notice any buffering throttling from any internet service provider or proxy errors with the proper VPN connection.

Through CyberGhost VPN you can find the best server. This VPN provides various packages and network plans which also offers a complete VPN solution to the client. CyberGhost reroutes internet traffic through an encrypted VPN tunnel. Mostly users and business companies can use CyberGhost VPN to protect the digital identity, to stay safe on the public Wi-Fi, to bypass geo-restrictions, and to secure online policy and online transactions.

It provides global server coverage to discover all the advantages of VPN software.  Moreover, via hiding your IP address, you can easily screen your existence and availability to be tracked online. It is the medium of the strongest encryption, providing secure protection with no log activity.

It is a fact that fast VPN also has some negative impact on networking sites and also on the client. It offers limited payment plans to the clients which is one of its drawbacks. It has the consequence that CyberGhost doesn’t work out of the box. It perhaps also involves data jurisdiction and causes an anonymity crisis.





SurfShark is no doubt a great contribution made to the VPN market. Its main advantage is that it can be accessible in the location like China who has restricted every international site or a website under its territory. This VPN can be operated on unlimited devices with broad bandwidth. It can also kill the switch engine. It works on the 1040 plus servers and operates in 61 countries worldwide.

It is the second most wanted VPN service network amongst the list of best VPNs 2020. It is famous for its cheap value and cost, for free torrenting, for a safe and secure network, and it provides the basic protocol option of the line encryption. However, the negative side of this VPN is its limited speed and its service network is quite limited.

While using SurfShark VPN you can easily stay connected to the digital world. No matter it is the best VPN provider that offers outstanding services to the clients. SurfShark rises from zero to becoming a hero. It has soon become an important factor in using and browsing the web for its users all over the world. It is considered as the most secure VPN.

SurfShark VPN joined the VPN market in 2018. It works with great speed with no logs activity or no logs VPN service. Moreover, it is recognized as an ideal platform for streaming, browsing, and searching process. Therefore, it is a fast VPN service provider that is working for a good cause.

It has a lot of pros and cons that help the client in choosing the right VPN and making the right decision in the VPN selection. It provides fast and reliable servers that are spread all over the world. SurfShark is designed in such a way that it can be helpful and friendly to its users when they are using it frequently. Consequently, it provides DNS leak protection and proper data encryption service.

Furthermore, it offers access to 1040plus servers to the clients in roundabout 62 countries, that come under the coverage of this VPN bandwidth and broad services. Its speed is very fast due to which it can unlock any Netflix related programs. Hence, it promotes P2P torrenting as well. It also protects the functioning devices while using only one account.

Therefore, this SurfShark VPN is known as the cheapest VPN available at this time.

Some of its consequences include that its speed is not as fast as the rivals that are present in the competition under the list of VPNs and their services. It comes under the category of no logs policy but is still considered one of the best VPN amongst the others.


Private Internet Access


Private internet access is an open-source of the personal virtual private network. It tends to support all the other VPNs' technology. This VPN is the safest and most secure network also known as the fast VPN working in the favor of the users.

Private internet access secures the data and information about the user. It encrypts the data which can be readable. This kind of private network provides various packages and plans on a trial basis to its clients. It promises a money-back guarantee to the client as well.

Some of the pros and features of this type of VPN involve:

  • It involves a secure VPN account
  • Encrypted Wifi
  • Supports P2P torrenting
  • It provides multiple VPN gateways
  • Having access to unlimited bandwidth
  • Faces no logs traffic
  • Provides an instant setup of the network
  • Moreover, it is easier and convenient to be used by the users

Private Internet access operates more than 3320plus servers, covering almost 30 states. Its famous features include that it provides complete security to the personal data of the user. It also provides online security and privacy. It involves identity protection and has the specialty that it can unblock all the restricted websites.

Users can enjoy the services of this private network and VPN software while sitting at home or from their comfort zone. You need a private internet network and its access to unlock censorship filters. Nevertheless, this VPN is becoming a leading VPN which is one of the secure VPNs as well as the VPN service provider.

Private internet access provides multi-layered security and privacy that can be used by the users in all the circumstances. PIA offers complete security to the IP addresses at the IP interface level. PIA offers user-friendly services and applications used for all the major operating systems.

Private internet access prevents data leakage and prohibits unwanted exposure of the data policy. It also blocks unwanted network connections because it fulfills filtering capabilities. Furthermore, PIA supports modern technology like PPTP, SOCKS5, and OpenVPN. In November 2019, private internet access was acquired by Kape technologies for further privatization and processes.




IPVanish VPN is a commercial based designed VPN based in the United States. It's the most important feature that differentiates this VPN from others is its end-to-end encryption of the data and the user information. It is also the best-paid VPNs because of its server coverage and fast speed. Along with this VPN, a client can go online without being traced back. It tends to cover up the IP address of the user while browsing. It also obeys the privacy policies when the  VPN keeps the browsing history private.

This VPN is famous for providing multiple nature sites for IP addresses to secure online information and data transfer. It has the best VPN policy that guards every data or document present in any device.

It can secure any private network and the connection via encryption. Like other VPN providers, it also provides access to unlimited or restricted content from any place or location. IP Vanish owns 1300plus servers to deliver the information fast.

IP Vanish has a defensive mechanism that defends every file on every device. It takes various defensive approaches to follow the simple step that leads to the protection of the documents on the device. It is no doubt the most recommended VPN that can be used by the commercial sector as well as by the business and domestic sector as well.

End-to-end protection and encryption depend on the security suite. This VPN continues to file syncing and offers folder sharing permission. This VPN is the most competitive that has pricing better than the other VPNs. This VPN also covers different network spans and IP addresses that are counted 4000plus.

Some of the advantages of IP Vanish VPN are:

  • It provides simple ways to access the media and websites without any restrictions
  • It also stops ISPs from interfering with your connection
  • It prevents getting hacked while any user is using the public WiFi
  • It also keeps your online presence and information private

IP Vanish provides a secure environment for web use in the commercial sector. It offers a properly encrypted tunnel to secure the privacy of all the legal and important information related to any user and the client. VPN is the platform that secures the data through the proper tunneling process, where no other party can penetrate within the tunnel.

You as a user of IP Vanish VPN can pick any plan that suits your demand and requirement with a money payback guarantee. IP Vanish gives its user another IP address that protects the IP address of the user and keeps it private than any third party.


Private VPN


A private VPN includes all the associated virtual networks that are being used as private. This type of private network is used for the same purposes for which other VPNs were used. It is used to secure the IP address of the user. It strictly follows all the essential privacy rules and regulations to maintain the order of the software.

A private VPN or network is an essential tool for every user in modern times. Every technology and business owner requires a private network to enhance its abilities and to rely upon the services offered by the VPNs.

 A private VPN is required by the modern internet user that will facilitate him/her in the long run. This platform will, however, keep your website and history private, preventing it from being traced back or tracked. Hence, while you are surfing the net, your browsing history and search engines will always remain protected and private, until you have a VPN installed on your device.

Private networks can function on multiple devices for the convenience of the user. Nonetheless, a private network is considered as the best source of censorship that provides services of anti-censorship to the clients.

One of the biggest importance of a private VPN is that it can operate wherever you want it to function. It doesn’t follow any restrictions, any logs policy, or any illegal advice that will prevent the user from accessing the desired content.

Moreover, you should search and find out the most suitable VPN that will help you in your field and your domain most probably. Every VPN and its services are designed according to the needs of the user and the client in the field of technology. Most of the VPNs have a specific service provider and features that facilitate the specific client.

However, the list of the best VPN services and VPNs are as followed:

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • SurfShark
  • IPVanish
  • Private VPN
  • Private Internet Access


All of these VPNs are bound by having specific services, specific features and ideas, specific terms and conditions, specific security and privacy policies, specific speed and bandwidth, specific locations and number of servers, specific blocking and unblocking of websites, and many other privacy claims that are different from one another.

Furthermore, a private network is not known as the private network, but it is also used to unblock just about every streaming private service on the planet. Its tendency, strength, and bandwidth are greater than the other VPNs network.

Some of the consequences of private networks revolve around the slow connection of the internet and the specific blockades of VPN services including YouTube and Netflix programs and channels.  One of the major disadvantages of using the private network is that it causes frequent connection breaks that break the communication and slows the file transfer.

One of the foremost cons of a private VPN is that generally, it's an illegal act to use VPNs, but still many people around the world use it and take advantage of it.


Nord VPN


Nord is also one of the most important and most reliable VPN. It majorly has desktop applications for software devices like Microsoft, Google, and others. This VPN was released in 2012 under the supervision license of commercial proprietary software. It is recognized as the world's fastest VPN due to its well maintained and well-manufactured features.

It is considered the best form of a VPN amongst the other. Therefore, it is known as the all-rounder of the VPN network. Starting from the speed, to privacy of data, to internet policy, to cost, and to IP links. It is one of the best VPN of 2020. However, it still has some cons, which include that it works best in the specific areas of the world like in Panama it works the best. It is also the top-rated VPN because of its exposure to most of the friendly-VPN apps. 

If you are using this VPN then you should sit back and relax because nobody can see your browsing history and online activities because of the strong Nord VPN strict security policies. While no one can get their hands on your internet data now.

NORD protection and security keeps you safe and protected from the third-party intervention. Now you don’t have to worry about using a public Wifi or a local network. It has the strength to protect all your devices and computer. It can protect almost three to six devices at one time.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry about breaking the connection or slow internet speed because Nord has handled it all!

Nord VPN is available on mobile apps for further convenience and the protection of mobile data. That’s why this VPN is also used for business purposes and in the affiliate market. However, Nord can eliminate all the observed digital threats and risks.

One of the biggest disadvantages of this VPN is that it supports torrenting on limited devices and some servers. Sometimes it shows slow speed or sync of apps with trembling server connection. However, it is noticed that Open Nord VPN is not user-friendly and is very expensive as well.

Nonetheless, Nord provides P2P support along with ultimate privacy and anonymity. More or less it offers strong cloud support services with free research access.


HotSpot Shield


HotSpot shield is also categorized under the list of a virtual private network. It was introduced in the software market in 2005 when it was formed and made legalized by AnchorFree. inc. however, in today’s world, it is specifically operated by Pango.

This is a special type of a VPN that is available in different languages so that more and more people can access it and take help from it. Moreover, Hotspot Shield is the fastest VPN used for downloading from torrent. 

It is a proxy networking site that acts as the private network, where it shields the existence of the user and displays the anonymity of the user. It establishes an encrypted connection to secure the data and the personal information of the user.  A Hotspot Shield VPN has a strong reputation in the market as compared to the other VPNs.

Furthermore, it gives online freedom to manage all the connections and to un-restricted all the unavailable or blocked websites that are not accessible in a certain location. It can bypass any URL link or a site to fetch those pages for the user.

This VPN works for many devices and apps, but it works more efficiently for Android, iOS, and others to keep the device data and application secure and private.

Anchorfree is responsible for Hotspot shield maintenance and reputation. It updates the features and services of this VPN from time to time. The background of Hotspot shield shows that it was designed in the era of Arab Spring (2011) for specific purposes like:

  • To bypass government recruited censorship
  • To access their restricted sites
  • To protect the data and use a security tool

Then gradually its demand and importance increased. It prevents exposing the user’s IP  address. Hotspot Shield provides free VPN services, hence advanced services need to be purchased by the client to make it function more appropriately.

The server location of the Hotspot shield operates through the presence of 3200plus VPN server locations in more than 80 countries, as a whole. 34 virtual locations are offered by this kind of VPN to enhance its approach along with broadening the bandwidth.

This type of a VPN has both free and paid versions, however, the free version is more suitable and provide better results to the client. This VPN offers remarkable features with good pricing along with an ad-free experience.

Moreover, some cons are related to Hotspot VPN that includes,

Other VPNs in the world are much better than this one, concerning customer service and the management team of the VPN is quite fast and inconvenient for public use.




Safer VPN is also a virtual private network that was established by Safer Social Ltd.  It works worldwide, but it was designed for areas like Turkey, Iran, Bangladesh, and others. It is rather the fastest and the safest working VPN that covers all the main and reliable features. SaferVPN works on the condition of providing Easy-to-use apps for an everyday device with automatic WifI security.

It provides an unlimited fast speed internet connection with a vast bandwidth. It involves an anonymous web browsing and provides 24/7 support to secure public Wifi. One of its advantages is that it becomes active automatically as soon as it gets installed. Users may have the facility to browse the internet without following any boundaries.

You may also secure your internet connection while using this VPN.  You may also surf privately and get access to the blocked sites. SaferVPN works with blazing speed and meanwhile it allows unlimited streaming to the users.

Customer support related to this VPN is quite convenient and friendly.  You can access them anywhere and at any time without any restrictions or precautions. It has the advantage of covering almost 700plus servers, focusing on high-speed VPN  servers.  It spreads to almost 34 locations so that it can be easily accessed by the people because it involves unlimited server switching.

Therefore, server locations perfectly work for those who are doing jobs or have their own business. For which they require a private network to be more efficient. They can acquire beneficial services related to this VPN.

Moreover, it offers smart Wi-Fi protection in public places that enhance the role of simultaneous connections.  SaferVPN provides 5 simultaneous connections to the users because of its unlimited bandwidth property.


ZenMate VPN


Zenmate is a VPN that is based in Germany, it has almost 45 million users. It is a complete VPN based service that can be accessed by millions of other users who need a convenient VPN for their business or other work.

Zenmate is the best VPN for chrome or google apps. That is available for free and provides premium features for the user regarding the VPN.  It can unblock internet connections for its users. It can also hide your IP address which can rather encrypt the connection and unblocks the website conveniently.

You can use this VPN on the chrome extension to get access to all the downloads via the platform of torrent or YouTube. It protects the leaking data or prevents the data from being leaked.  Zenmate VPN is located in more than 74 countries that are connected to 3600 servers to gain access to a better connection for browsing and using Google Chrome.

It also encrypts the data while using the P2P logging system along with end-to-end connection with proper protocols.

Like others, a VPN Zenmate is also available on all the other devices. While it is also available on all the platforms like MAC, iOS, Android, Smart TV, Linux, and many more.  Zenmate operates torrenting servers as well as streaming servers to allow possible fastest downloads.

Zenmate VPN offers monthly based plans and packages to become anonymous online. Cons of zenmate VPN revolves around the pricing strategy of this VPN, which means that free Zenmate VPN and paid Zenmate VPN linked services differ from each other just based on pricing. However, this type of VPN has limited features which becomes one of the negative aspects of this VPN.

Furthermore, zenmate VPN is simple and easy to use.  That can block the malware and adware at the same time.




All these VPNs are specified and have their VPN services and features. Like this, the reviewer can rank these VPNs from top to bottom according to their standards, priorities, and pros and cons. However, a reviewer examines and analyzes every VPN that works as a software to protect and secure the identity of the user. Therefore, we as a user can take help from these reviews to choose the best VPN for us and our devices.

Hence, like this, we can get access to the best VPNs and its services in the modern age. According to the above-mentioned VPNs, we can now have a brief idea regarding the best VPNs services for 2020.

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