Best Antivirus Software

Our choice of best antivirus software for 2020 is a selection of top security software. They help you to keep your computer safe.

Best Antivirus Software for 2020

Antivirus software is a device-protector program that is used to scan and remove the files that have malicious and harmful viruses. Antivirus protects the devices while killing malware such as 

Adware, bugs, bots, spyware trojan horses, rootkits, viruses, and worms. 

This range of malware is designed to attack the machines of users to steal information such as stealing financial information, personal details, and other useful information that can benefit the hackers in different purposes. Hackers develop new malicious programs every single day. That’s why new versions or updates come on the internet that makes the software realistic and up-to-date in performance.

Numerous companies develop antivirus software to give protection to their customers and client’s devices and their online activities. Almost every antivirus software has the same function to scan and tell the health of the device, and to remove the malicious programs that automatically install into the devices when it connects to the internet or with any infected device.

After installing antivirus on the system, a user can scan the files to sort the infected ones out and delete them from the system. The user also has the facility to schedule the scan and block the suspicious sites that interrupt in the privacy of the user.

That is why antivirus software is the essential need of the computer system to save data and sensitive information from digital thieves and increase the performance of the device. For your assistance, some of the best antivirus software listed below that can suit your system’s requirements for protection.


Norton 360 Antivirus:

Norton 360 is a suite of antivirus security systems developed by Norton LifeLock (formerly known as Symantec Corporation) in 1991. It identifies the viruses hidden in the programs and mails and removes them to secure the better performance of the machine.

Norton 360 is currently available in 5 different plans for the protection of devices viz;

  • Norton 360 Standard
  • Norton 360 Deluxe
  • Norton 360 with LifeLock Select
  • Norton 360 with LifeLock Advantage
  • Norton 360 with LifeLock Ultimate Plus

All the plans have different specifications, and the user can opt for any plan that suits his needs.

Compatibility And Requirements:

Norton Antivirus is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS. According to the plan, different numbers of devices connect with a single software.

  • Norton 360 Standard plan connects only one device.
  • Norton 360 Deluxe plan can connect up to 5 devices.
  • Norton 360 with LifeLock Select plan can connect up to 5 devices.
  • Norton 360 with LifeLock Advantage plan connects up to 10 devices.
  • Norton 360 with LifeLock Ultimate Plus plan connects unlimited devices.

Norton 360 requires a minimum speed of CPU and that is 300-MHz or up on Windows XP, and 1GHz or more speed on Windows Vista and Windows 7. Similarly, it requires free space on your RAM at least 256MB and 300MB on your hard disk to install the software on your system.


Norton 360 with LifeLock clarifies its users about the software. Some of the important points are listed below; 

  • The company does not claim to prevent all cybercrimes and thefts. 
  • They monitor online activities and send alerts during business hours. 
  • Moreover, the antivirus software is for personal use only. 
  • While commercial use is not allowed. 
  • They do not support iOS.
  • The support center communicates with the customers in English only.
  • The service of Norton is not available in all countries.


McAfee Total Protection:

McAfee Total Protection is an antivirus software developed by McAfee. This software protects the system for the entire family and helps them remove the latest viruses, spyware, malware, and ransomware threats.

McAfee Total Protection provides the facility to protect 10 devices with this package plan at an affordable price. In this package plan, users enjoy the benefits of firewall, password manager, VPN, and ID theft protection. However, other add-ons also facilitate users with better performance.

McAfee Total Protection works 99.9% better than the other software in protecting the system from day-to-day viruses and malware. For the better performance of your device, it protects you every time you use any sort of network for online activities. Whether you are using the public WIFI network or VPN, McAfee Total Protection deletes cookies and harmful files that can give benefit to cybercriminals. 

While using McAfee Total Protection, you have the choice to opt for a plan that suits your need. The brief details are listed below, so you can go through it in a glance.

  • Single Device plan for a single device
  • Individual and Couples plan for 5 devices
  • Family plan for up to 10 devices

The plans are on a yearly subscription and the price of the plans may vary as per the changes by the company. 

Some Important Features:

  • The company gives a 30-days trial in zero charges to let the user check its performance and protection behavior. 
  • McAfee Total Protection can run on Windows, iOS, Mac OS, and Android.
  • The software alerts you if you are going to share your information with fraud or suspicious sites.
  • It has a Vulnerability option that tells you about the out-of-date software in your system and asks you to update them.
  • Like all scanning software, it has both Quick and Full scan options to scan the files on your system and prevent errors and malicious programs that destroy your system.
  • If you are not satisfied with the performance of McAfee Total Protection, the company claims to give you a full refund of your subscription fee.
  • You can download the app to manage the dashboard of your antivirus from your mobile device.


Avast Antivirus:

Avast Antivirus is a software developed by Avast and serving the people since 1991. It is one of the famous antivirus software in the IT industry.

Avast works on Windows, Linus, and Mac OS. Avast offers different suitable plans to secure the system. The plans include;

  • Free version
  • Premium Security for Single Device
  • Premium Security for Multiple Devices

Moreover, it has many paid services with which the users can protect their system from cyber-attacks, viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware, open Wifi threats, etc. Like the other antivirus software, it alerts you when you perform any activity online that can damage your system.

Avast Antivirus speedily detects the bugs and other range of malicious programs and delete them to increase the memory and better functionality of your computer and mobile devices. It makes you able to work with your favorite applications separately avoiding any danger of virus attack on them.

Some Important Features:

  • Avast Antivirus blocks the virus and malware on your computer.
  • It alerts you about the weak security of WIFI connection.
  • You can secure your passwords in it for faster use on different sites.
  • Avast alerts you of fake sites and shopping to protect your bank information falling in the dangerous hands.
  • Avast gives you the option to run a suspicious application in the sandbox and test its authenticity.
  • Avast block spams and phishing emails.
  • You also get the protection of webcam so that irrelevant people can’t watch you.
  • It gives you protection for up to 10 devices.
  • You can securely install, delete, and update apps after permitting Avast Antivirus for this purpose.
  • It gives you a Secure Line VPN.
  • You can also get Premium Cleanup, Password, and other exciting features.

The stated features are included in different plans of Avast Antivirus. For further details please visit or call customer support during business hours.


Avira Antivirus:

Avira is a strong application to fight viruses in the computer system. It was founded in 1986 by Computer Software in Germany. Due to its good performance, it became famous among the users rapidly, and in 2012, there were more than 100 million users who were using Avira to protect their computers and online accounts. Due to its popularity among the customers, it was reached the sixth rank among antivirus companies that is proof of its good performance.

Avira is designed to run in all famous computer and mobile systems such as PC, Mac, Android, iOS, and web browsers. Avira is designed to detect threats and viruses online. It reads the definitions of viruses in files and replaces them with generic ones to increase the speed and performance of the computer system. Through its VPN system, users can use the internet anonymously with secure encryption.

Avira Antivirus software has two plans for its customers to provide them a secure and pleasing digital experience. The two plans include the monthly and yearly package in which users can connect 5 devices while activating a monthly plan, and 25 devices while activating a yearly plan.

System Requirements:

Avira Antivirus supports the devices with the listed versions;

  • Windows 7 and above
  • Android 5 and above
  • Mac OS 10.13 (High Sierra) and above
  • iOS 10 and above

(The system requirements are applied to smartphones and tablets. But you cannot run it on TVs.)

Some Important Features:

  • Real-time protection
  • Blocking of suspicious sites and ads
  • Blocking of phishing websites and callers
  • Updating the software and drivers of the system automatically
  • Displaying the authentic and secure coupons to the users for a secure shopping experience 
  • Keeping the user anonymous for safe web browsing
  • Automatic login to accounts so that users do not need to remember and provide passwords every time they log in.
  • Cleaning junk files to boost up the speed and performance of the computer system.



Intego Antivirus was found in 1997 that was specifically designed for Mac OS X and macOS. To protect the system, the software has included a firewall, antivirus, antispam, backup software, and data protection software.

Intego Antivirus offers different suitable bundles for the users of Mac that are included;

  • Intego Mac Internet Security X9
  • Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9
  • Intego ContentBarrior Secure X9
  • Mac Washing Machine Secure X9

Among all these bundles, Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 is the most favorite and convenient to the customers. Because it protects their system from viruses, phishing, and spyware. Intego premium bundle has the specialty that it gives protection of firewall while you are at home or outside. 

Wherever you are using the internet, you are protected with Intego. Surfing websites and using different applications is safe while you have Intego Antivirus because it protects your personal information and hides it from the hackers or stealers.

Unnecessary files on the computer system reduce the speed of the system. Intego Antivirus solves this problem with its function of Cleanup with which it cleans and optimizes the files on the system and improves its health. 

Basic Features of Intego Premium Bundle:

  • NetUpdate (It gives updates of virus definitions)
  • ContentBarrior (It provides with parental controls)
  • NetBarrior (It works for the secure firewall)
  • Personal Backup (It secures data and allows recovery in case of any clash with the system)
  • VirusBarrior (It blocks viruses from the system)
  • Washing Machine (It facilitate to find duplicate files that eat up the space of the system and improves the general utility of the file system)

For the specific and excellent features for Mac systems, Intego becomes a demanding antivirus software that has a rate of 100% in malware detection. For more assistance, please visit the website and compare the products that suit you the most.



BullGuard Antivirus founded in 2002 is the best software for PC gamers. But it also performs best to detect malware from the computer system. BullGuard Antivirus is designed for Windows, Android, and Mac systems. It gives layered protection from malware and protects the sensitive information of the user from others.

BullGuard Antivirus protects the user from suspicious or malicious sites. It identifies those sites and applications and makes the user able to visit secure sites or download safe applications. Its pro-active detection continuously scans the definitions of malware and blocks the active or hidden programs that can harm the user’s browsing or gaming experience.

BullGuard Antivirus increases the speed of the system and blocks the pop-ups and other interrupting activities. This function makes the gaming experience excellent with the fastest speed. While playing games or browsing the internet, the user unknowingly downloads or receives malicious files. But BullGuard Antivirus alerts the user every time his system’s security is at risk. It Vulnerability scanner makes it sure that the list of secure areas should be available for the user to have a glance and permit necessary actions.

Compatible systems:

  1. Windows
  2. Android
  3. Mac


BullGuard has three plans for the security of the computer system that are;

  • Antivirus (For 1 PC)
  • Internet Security (For multiple devices)
  • Premium Protection (For multiple devices)

However, an Antivirus plan (yearly) fulfills all the basic requirements of the Windows system’s security. But it does not include Android and macOS security features. For that purpose, the user has to opt for the Internet Security and Premium Protection plans.

For the satisfaction of the user, BullGuard offers a 30-days free trial to check the performance and excellency of the software and then decide to buy a plan suitable for the computer system of the user.

Security Features in a Glance:

  • Firewall scanner
  • Malware detection
  • Secure Browser
  • Game booster/PC tone-up
  • Parental Controls
  • VPN
  • ID Protection


Bitdefender Total Security:

Bitdefender is an antivirus and cybersecurity company of Roman. The company mainly develops the software for a range of services including antivirus, internet security, endpoint security, and some more cybersecurity products.

Bitdefender Total Security is a mega suit for the protection of the computer system that is designed to support Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS. Various features and advanced options in this antivirus software make it the best choice for the editors and other customers.

It provides the best security along with VPN services and special technical support. It serves with secure browsing, ransomware protection, and many features that the user can customize as his wish.


Bitdefender Total Security has three plans suitable to connect 5 and 10 devices. The plans have a range from 1 year to 3 years with different prices accordingly.

System Requirements for Windows:

Bitdefender requires Windows 7 with Service pack 1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 to install the antivirus.

For a good speed of the software’s operations, it requires Intel Core Duo (2 GHz) or equivalent processor.

2 MB RAM is supportive of the software.

To install and good functionality, 2 GB free space on the hard disk.

For a supportive internet browser, it asks for Internet Explorer 10 or better versions of the browser.

System Requirements For macOS:

macOS X Yosemite (10.10) or above with 1 GB free space on the hard disk is required to install and run the software.

It requires browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

System Requirements For iOS And Android:

iOS needs 11.2 version and Android needs 4.1 version with an active internet connection.


Kaspersky Internet Security:

Kaspersky Internet Security is a product of Kaspersky Lab to secure devices from malware, email spams, phishing, and other cybercrimes. The software is designed for PC, Mac, Android, and internet browser, and gives access to multiple devices in a single plan.

Kaspersky Internet Security is an award-winning program that not only fulfills the requirement of killing the viruses but also provides other facilities such as spam filtering, firewall, parental controls, VPN, and many other additional features that make it a complete solution for internet security.


Let us have a glance over the features this package has for the best security of the computer system.

  • It blocks viruses, crypto lockers, and other attacks of digital criminals.
  • It detects spyware hidden in the Android devices.
  • It blocks the sites that collect personal and sensitive data of the users.
  • It has bank-grade encryption that makes your payments secure.
  • It protects you from webcam spies and blocks the unauthorized people who watch you.
  • It encrypts data that you share and receive through VPN.

*All the stated features work on PC and Mac.

  • However, for the security of all devices included Android, you need to subscribe to a Total Security plan that has some additional features than the Internet Security plan.

Kaspersky Internet Security is available in different plans against different prices. A new subscription gets a healthy discount. It is to be noted that tracking of kids’ devices, password managers, and data backup features are not included in the Kaspersky Internet Security plan.

Similarly, the user also needs to pay attention to certain countries where this product can be used after confirming the country laws for its use. The user needs to clearly mention the purpose and location to continue the services with Kaspersky Lab.


TotalAV Antivirus:

TotalAV antivirus is a comparatively new product in the antivirus industry with wonderful performance. It provides all the necessary tools to protect your data and devices from malicious programs. The company is including features and better performance day-by-day that make this antivirus competitive to other famous brands.

TotalAV antivirus has a good collection of features for the protection of the system. It has a 99.9% rate of detection for malware, spyware, and ransomware that make it reliable software for security. Its premium antivirus is more excellent in performance than the free version. Premium service secures users from malware attack, blocks phishing URLs, continuously updates virus definitions, and covers your identity from the cybercriminals. That is how TotalAV keeps its promise to provide hassle-free cybersecurity.

TotalAV has a very easy-to-use interface with an exclusively new look. From the side panel, you can use its featured options with just one-click. A big button for scanning gives you a convenient option to scan the machine without any problem of searching for the options in a complex menu bar. TotalAV also gives an option to download extension for the scanning of suspicious URLs and stop them from collecting your data.


  • The real-time protection blocks and quarantines the viruses, trojan horses, adware, spyware, and ransomware to protect the machine from malicious attackers.
  • Safe Site extension blocks the new definitions of malware and allows safe URLs for browsing.
  • It provides an easy-to-use scanner in which you can choose schedule options and the antivirus scan your machine frequently as per your customization.
  • Secure VPN service for desktop and smartphone users.
  • Remote firewalls to block unauthorized people access your data.
  • Detecting bad programs that slow down the system and increase the speed of computers.
  • Connects multiple devices with a single software. (devices include; Apple Mac, Windows, iPhone/iPads, and Android).



Panda antivirus application is a product of a Spanish multinational company, Panda Security. It protects the devices include; Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS. It protects the machines and accounts from all the defined viruses and updates regularly about the security health and risks.

Specifications for Windows:

Panda antivirus gives real-time protection to the computer against malware and spyware. You have an option to schedule a scan to detect viruses or customize the schedule of the scanner. You can also scan USB to detect viruses and remove them from destroying your system. Your Panda antivirus detects hidden viruses and deletes them though advanced scanning options. You also enjoy your multimedia and gaming experience without any interruption of antivirus pop-ups or alerts.

Specifications For Android:

Panda antivirus is excellent at scanning android applications to detect viruses. It also detects viruses from SD cards to ensure the secure operation of mobile devices. It shows you the apps that have permission to access your data from various resources.

It creates control over the apps that increase the usage of battery and helps your devices to run smoothly. It also tracks your lost devices and updates you about the devices of your family connected with this software.

Plans On monthly Subscription:

Panda offers five compatible plans for the security of computers and mobile devices. Plans include;

  1. Free:

The free plan includes protection for Windows, VPN, and external USB devices. This plan is good for basic use only. But for the enhanced security, this plan does not give enough protection.

  1. Essential:

The essential plan is better than Free antivirus and gives real-time protection to Windows, Android, and Mac devices. It has the additional protection of VPN, WIFI, and firewall.

  1. Advanced:

The Advanced plan has additional features such as parental controls, identity protection, and ransomware attacks and advanced threats protection.

  1. Complete:

The Complete plan has additional services that are included; data shield, password manager, and cleanup tool.

  1. Premium:

The Premium plan has additional features included Premium Unlimited VPN, Update Manager, Unlimited Premium 24/7 technical support.

All plans have an option to connect from 1 to 10 devices.


AVG Antivirus:

AVG is an antivirus program developed by AVG Technologies. It is an excellent product to protect the computer and mobile devices from viruses. Due to its excellency, it is rated as top-ranked antivirus software in 2019. In lab tests, AVG succeeded 99% to detect malware and other new range of malicious programs.

Its well-designed interface shows the security and performance of the computer in a glance. Newly added features make AVG more reliable and suitable for every type of operating system. AVG supports Windows, macOS, and Android and becomes their marvelous protector. It keeps the speed of computer/mobile devices up-to-the-mark while scanning and resolving the issues in the background.


AVG antivirus has two effective plans for protection.

  1. AVG Antivirus Free:

AVG Antivirus Free plan gives complete basic protection for the users. Because it protects multiple devices at one hand. It blocks viruses, ransomware, spyware, and other malware to harm user’s devices. It also detects and blocks harmful email attachments, URLs, and downloads on the system. Its continuously scanning feature keeps the user update about the health and performance of the device.

  1. AVG Internet Security:

It is a paid software that gives the user more protection and support against bad programs and attacks on the data of computers. Apart from blocking a range of viruses, scanning, and stopping harmful URLs and download to save PCs, it also gives real-time protection to the system.

 Its extra layer of protection secures folders from ransomware. This plan has protection from hackers who interrupt in webcam files and operations. Its Firewall shields the user from hackers and fake websites to avoid fraud.

System Requirements:

  • For Windows: version 7, 8, or 10
  • For Apple Mac: OS X 10.10 Yostime or above
  • For Android: 5.0 or above
  • For iPhones: iOS 10.3 or later


Malwarebytes Antivirus:

Malwarebytes is an antivirus that was found in 2008, specialized in detecting malware and other threats. This product is developed by Malwarebytes Inc. an American software security company. This product is designed to protect Home computers, Smartphones, and Companies from malware.

Malwarebytes works different than usual antivirus and detects all new and old malware and ransomware to kill them. This is an award-winning feature that makes it suitable to use for personal and business organizations.


Malwarebytes is compatible with different devices and connections included;

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Chromebook
  • Android
  • iOS


Apart from 14 days of a free trial, users can get benefits through the competitive features of Malwarebytes with the Premium version. The features include;

  • Protection of identity and privacy from hackers
  • Protection of important documents and financial information from ransomware
  • Protection from fake websites or that are infected with malicious programs
  • Improvement of performance while blocking harming threats
  • Killing malware that affects the computer’s programs
  • Cleaning up infected files
  • Interruption-free gaming experience
  • Easy interface to customize as per user’s convenience

Malwarebytes free 14-days trial has all the features of the premium version, but after 14 days, it can also clean the device from infected files. For nonstop good performance of the system, users need to buy the full service.

Malwarebytes provides its services comparatively better than other antivirus service providers. While it is famous for its easy-to-use features for the users. All these competitive facilities and features make it successful in the antivirus software industry.

What is not Available in Malwarebytes:

  • It does not have parental controls.
  • It has a lack of file shred
  • It does not support Linux
  • It does not provide VPN connection
  • It lacks password manager
  • It has lacks of webcam protection
  • Users need to download separation browsing extensions



Webroot is an antivirus product developed by Webroot Inc. an American company of software security. This company provides antivirus services to both customers and clients. Therefore, this antivirus is available for personal and business use.

Webroot provides strong security against viruses to the whole family or group of devices. It is reliable antivirus software that is serving people since 1997. It is cloud-based since 2011 that makes it a trusting company in the software industry.


Webroot offers three plans for the security of the system.

  1. Antivirus:
  • Antivirus package offers protection of 3 PCs or Macs. It protects from cybercrime’s hacking and threats, malicious links and emails, and hides the user’s identity from them. 
  • It works efficiently and does not slow down the system due to its operations against harmful data.
  • Webroot’s scanning speed is fastest than other antivirus scanners. It takes only 20 seconds to scan the machine and detect malware.
  • The WIFI security feature helps the user to browse the internet securely and let the detection and protection leave on Webroot. It analyzes viruses from both secured and unsecured connections.
  • It takes less space for your computer/device.
  • Webcam and other essential protection from hackers.
  1. Internet Security Plus:
  • Features of Antivirus are included in this package
  • This package supports up to 5 PCs, Macs, tablets, or smartphones.
  • It includes the protection of passwords, usernames, and credit card numbers. The user can secure them with one master password.
  • It protects online shopping and banking operations.
  1. Internet Security Complete:
  • Features of Internet Security Plus are included in this package.
  • Addition feature includes removing online activity traces so that users feel more secure.
  • It also optimizes the system and improves its performance.

Webroot has a good reputation in the security software industry and it is certified as safe for banking operation. It also keeps a sandbox feature to test malware.

It is light on the system because it comes in 5MB usage with a full pack of antivirus service. Further, users can save their huge data on the cloud because it gives 25GB cloud storage for your system.


Although there are several antivirus software available in the market, we have mentioned a few top-rated software that has an award-winning reputation in the software industry.

Every single software has some problems and limitations, so the stated antiviruses may have some limitations and cons. But antivirus companies always work for the improvement in the performance and credibility of the software. So, you may find the previous issues revolved and betterment in the interface and functionality. 

However, the stated antiviruses are the best ones in their performance and security building. So, check out each antivirus, their features, and system requirements and choose the best one for the security and improvement of your computer system.

Because your data and privacy are your treasure that should be saved in the best safe hand. Thus, quickly subscribe to any of the best antivirus software and secure your devices and data from evil eyes.


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